Host calls Torres ‘boneheaded,’ urges Yankees to get rid of him

Yankees Gleyber Torres reacts following a defensive mistake.
Sara Molnick
Friday June 7, 2024

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Frustration is mounting among New York radio commentators over Gleyber Torres‘ recent performance. While his infield defense has often been overlooked due to his strong batting since joining the Yankees in 2018, this year’s offensive slump has prompted WFAN’s Sal Licata to suggest that Torres should be removed from the team.

Licata pointed out that Torres’ recurring mental errors have cost the Yankees crucial games, particularly in the postseason where precision is vital. He argued that the Yankees second baseman had retained his spot on the roster mainly because he was projected to be one of the best offensive second basemen in the league.

However, Licata proposed that the Yankees might benefit more from using Oswald Peraza, DJ LeMahieu, or a seasoned defensive second baseman who can reliably make contact at the plate, as Torres’ current offensive output no longer justifies his place on the team.

Yankees' dugout celebrates after an RBI against the Twins on June 6, 2024.

“Year after year he does boneheaded things that cost you games,” Licata said, via Audacy. “In a postseason, every play counts. Him having a brain lock on the bases or in the field could cost you. And they don’t need his offense. The only reason you were keeping Gleyber Torres on is because he was projected to be one of the best offensive second baseman in baseball. I’d rather have (Oswald) Peraza or (DJ) LeMahieu, or go get a legit, cement defensive second baseman. A veteran who could put the bat on the ball … to me, it would be addition by subtraction moving on from Gleyber.”

Torres remains error-prone

Since 2018, Torres has committed 95 errors, the highest on the Yankees, with Statcast recording him at -37 Outs Above Average at second base and shortstop throughout his career. Additionally, he is considered a subpar baserunner.

In the Yankees’ May 26 defeat to the San Diego Padres, Torres made his seventh error of the season when New York was leading 1-0 in the sixth inning. This error allowed the Padres to rally and secure a 5-2 victory.

Despite being the Yankees’ top hitter among players with at least 400 at-bats last season and ranking fourth among all MLB second basemen in home runs since 2018, Torres’ batting has declined sharply this year. He is hitting .232 with a .650 OPS and an 85 OPS+, with only five home runs and 21 RBIs.

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2 thoughts on “Host calls Torres ‘boneheaded,’ urges Yankees to get rid of him

  1. Sal Licata is another talking head who is openly a Mets fan, who gets irrational when talking about the Yankees. Like he insists Soto is signing with the Mets. What he should be doing is rubbing it in about Severino.

  2. I agree. Torres makes more physical and mental errors that are hurting the Yankees. He has been thrown out many times when he runs thru stop signs by the coaches, he plays his own game. He is taking up a roster spot, when there are others on the team, that will play with their talent and head.

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