Harrison Bader makes a teary exit after Yankees dump the Bronx kid unceremoniously

Yankees centerfielder Harrison Bader turns emotional during his farewell speech before joining the Reds on Aug 31, 2023, at Comerica Park, Detroit,

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As a kid, Harrison Bader grew up just a few minutes from Yankee Stadium, and his dream starts and ends with playing in pinstripes. However, the same team, which he supported ardently for years and felt proud to be a part of it, dumped him abruptly letting him know about his waiver only from TV. His tearful exit on Thursday showed volumes about his love for the Yankees and blunt layoff.

Harrison Bader is thrilled about the prospect of joining the Reds, a playoff contender, but not before making an emotional farewell to the Yankees.

This transaction concluded a period of uncertainty spanning 48 hours since the Yankees had placed the impending free agent on waivers on Tuesday. Despite the somewhat abrupt conclusion, this turn of events did not diminish Harrison Bader’s gratitude for having had the opportunity to don the pinstripes.

A teary farewell by Harrison Bader

Expressing his gratitude to the Yankees, an emotional Harrison Bader told that he never expected to have a career in Major League Baseball, let alone become a part of the Yankees. He became visibly touching outside the visiting clubhouse at Comerica Park before heading to join the Reds. Harrison Bader mentioned that he’s uncertain about what the future holds but expressed a strong desire to return to the Yankees if it’s a possibility.

Furthermore, Harrison Bader highlighted the profound significance of being a New York City native and playing for the Yankees in The Bronx. He acknowledged the specialness of this experience for various reasons, recalling numerous cherished moments. The centerfielder conveyed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity, emphasizing that, regardless of the circumstances, wearing the Yankees’ uniform was a unique and meaningful experience for him and the team’s dedicated supporters.

“I have no idea what’s to come for the future, and I certainly hope it’s in a Yankees uniform again, if that’s an option,” Harrison Bader said. “We don’t know what the future holds.”

“With that said, it just means so much to me to be a New York City kid playing in The Bronx for the Yankees. Yeah, it’s just really special for a lot of reasons. There was just a lot of good moments. I’m just really excited, because regardless of the situation, no one can ever take the fact that I put that uniform on [after] growing up in that city, which means a lot to me and a lot of people who support the Yankees. I’m just very excited and thankful for the opportunity.

“Man, that was special.”

Harrison Bader’s standout highlight as a Yankee occurred during last year’s postseason when he launched five home runs in nine games, realizing a lifelong dream.

Harrison Bader of the New York Yankees

He explained that during the postseason as a New Yorker, he approached the games with a sense of freedom, feeling like he had nothing to lose. Harrison Bader recounted the moment of his debut as a Yankee on September 20th, emphasizing that he told himself that everything after that point was just an added bonus because he was already living a dream.

Bader’s Yankees tenture was eventful

In an intriguing twist, the center fielder found himself claimed off waivers by the Reds on Thursday afternoon. This move effectively transferred Harrison Bader from the Yankees, who currently reside in last place, to the NL Central where he joins the wild-card race.

During his tenure with the Yankees spanning parts of two seasons, Harrison Bader experienced both exhilarating moments and challenging times.

Upon his arrival from the Cardinals at last year’s trade deadline, Harrison Bader faced an initial setback, entering the Yankees in a walking boot due to plantar fasciitis. Consequently, his debut with the Yankees was postponed until September, when he went on to have a memorable October.

In the current season, Harrison Bader had his share of injury setbacks, spending time on the injured list twice, first for a strained oblique and later for a strained hamstring. When injury-free, he showcased exceptional defensive skills while maintaining a batting average of only .240 and a .643 OPS with 17 stolen bases in 84 games. His most notable performance came against left-handed pitchers, where Harrison Bader boasted an impressive .343 batting average and an outstanding 1.079 OPS this season.

Despite his on-field statistics, Harrison Bader departed from the Yankees with the utmost respect and admiration from his fellow teammates.

Aaron Judge expressed that it was a challenging situation. He mentioned that Harrison Bader had become a good friend of his over the past two years, and they had developed a strong relationship. Aaron noted that he had observed Bader’s strong work ethic, both during the offseason and throughout the season. He emphasized that Bader was particularly focused on winning, especially in his free-agent year, and his primary goal was to achieve a World Series victory. Aaron extended his best wishes to Bader.

Aaron Judge with Harrison Bader
Frank Franklin Ii/Associated Press

Manager Aaron Boone had a brief opportunity to bid farewell to Harrison Bader just before Thursday’s game commenced. He acknowledged that the window for waivers had closed just moments before the first pitch. Despite the short notice, Boone expressed his gratitude for the player’s time with the team.

Aaron Boone mentioned that Harrison Bader had come to the Yankees and accomplished remarkable feats, particularly during the postseason. Boone, recognizing the player’s roots as a fan of the team, highlighted that while the future remains uncertain, he extended his best wishes to Harrison Bader as he moves on.

Currently, Harrison Bader is eager to fully immerse himself in the Reds’ team, as they were just six games behind the NL Central leaders and only one game behind the last NL wild card spot as of Thursday.

Harrison Bader expressed his excitement about participating in meaningful baseball games as the season winds down. He noted his familiarity with the NL Central due to his previous tenure with the Cardinals and emphasized the significance of playing important games in September.

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One thought on “Harrison Bader makes a teary exit after Yankees dump the Bronx kid unceremoniously

  1. Bader should never had been traded he was a great outfielder … fast on the bases and had an average of 240 better than most of the yankees what the hell more that he had to do to stay on the team … trading him was a BIG mistake … bring him back.

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