Veteran pitcher disgruntled after Yankees send him to minors

Yankees relief pitcher Ron Marinaccio is pitching at Yankee Stadium.
Inna Zeyger
Friday May 17, 2024

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The depth and effectiveness of the relief corps were recently highlighted when Ron Marinaccio, a New York Yankees draft pick from 2017, was demoted for the seventh time in his career despite posting career-best numbers. Manager Aaron Boone acknowledged that Marinaccio was understandably upset by the news, as reported by Brendan Kuty of The Athletic.

The Yankees’ bullpen has been a major contributor to the team’s early success this season, leading the majors with 17 saves and boasting the second-best ERA at 2.69. This impressive performance has been fueled by outstanding contributions from cost-effective players.

Is the Yankees’ demotion of Marinaccio justified?

Yankees pitcher Ron Marinaccio at Yankee Stadium in May 2023.

Despite his impressive 1.42 ERA in 12.2 innings with the Yankees this season, Marinaccio found himself demoted to the minor leagues for the seventh time since his 2021 debut. The move, which made room for the returning Nick Burdi from the injured list, was not a reflection of Marinaccio’s performance but rather a business decision by the team.

Marinaccio, along with Ian Hamilton, was one of the few relievers with a remaining minor-league option. However, Hamilton’s higher-leverage innings and 2.64 ERA in 39 games last season gave him an edge over Marinaccio. The Yankees prioritized maintaining their bullpen depth, opting to send Marinaccio down rather than releasing other pitchers.

In March 2023, Marinaccio signed a one-year, $739,900 deal with the Yankees. Since then, he has been optioned to the minors three times and recalled twice. Despite the frequent moves between the major and minor leagues, Marinaccio has continued to excel, allowing no earned runs in five innings of Triple-A action this season. While his performance has been commendable, the team’s roster management and depth considerations have played a significant role in his recent demotion.

Marinaccio’s pitch repertoire, consisting of a four-seam fastball, changeup, and sweeper, has proven effective in keeping batters at bay. According to Alexander Wilson of Empire Sports Media, Marinaccio’s changeup has been particularly impressive, limiting batters to a .231 average with a remarkable 35.7% whiff rate.

Ron Marinaccio

At 28, Marinaccio seems to be on an upward trajectory in his career. However, the intense competition for a spot in the Yankees’ bullpen and the recurring demotions could potentially influence his future decisions regarding staying with the organization that drafted him.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone stressed that Marinaccio’s most recent demotion was not a result of poor performance or lack of development. As reported by Kuty, Boone praised Marinaccio’s efforts, noting that he had been throwing the ball well and performing commendably. Boone acknowledged that following some early challenges in Spring Training, Marinaccio had worked hard to improve his standing, finishing the preseason on a strong note and starting the regular season with exceptional pitching.

Despite the frequent roster moves, Boone’s comments suggest that the organization recognizes Marinaccio’s talent and progress, even if the current roster situation necessitates his temporary reassignment to the minor leagues.

The Yankees have mastered the art of building a formidable bullpen by continuously discovering and developing underrated pitchers, making it challenging for any player to secure a permanent spot. This strategy has proven successful for the Yankees, but it also means that even talented pitchers like Marinaccio may face frequent roster moves as the team optimizes its bullpen composition.

However, in Marinaccio’s case, the Yankees seem to have failed to convince him.

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One thought on “Veteran pitcher disgruntled after Yankees send him to minors

  1. The Yankees have Excelled at one thing under the leaderless-ship of Brian Cashman: they’re preeminent at destroying the confidence & morale of young players.

    Why is Caleb Ferguson and his 6.00 ERA & 0-3 record still on the roster, while Ron Marinaccio was sent down to AAA, despite pitching exceptionally well? And don’t say because Ferguson’s a Lefty. So, what? A Lefty who sucks is not better than a Righty who gets both lefties & righties out.

    Lefty batters are hitting .267 against Ferguson, but they’re hitting 200 POINTS LOWER against Marinaccio at .067. So, Ferguson must be better against Righty batters, right? NOPE! Righty batters are hitting .227 against Ferguson, but they’re .188 against Marinaccio. Ah, yes, Brainless Brian’s “logic” at its typically Moronic level: Ferguson hasn’t pitched as well Marinaccio, so let’s send Marinaccio down.

    We can ask the same question about Dennis Santana, who has a 4.58 ERA this year, which is actually better than his Crap Career ERA of 5.11. His Lefty/Righty hitter splits also are NOT as good as Marinaccio’s this year. And it’s not like Santana’s stats have been trending upward the previous 2 seasons. In 2022, his ERA was 5.22 & last year, with the Mets, it was 5.91. Jesus, when you suck too much for the Mets, why would the Yankees want you?

    In 12 2/3 IP this year, Ron Marinaccio has a 1.42 ERA and 0.79 WHIP with 10 strikeouts. If you’re not an avid fan, that’s Really F**king Good. Whereas, Ferguson’s performance has been DFA-Worthy, and Santana is metaphorically sitting in the waiting room for the train out of town with his ghastly 4.58 ERA.

    The real point here isn’t just that Marinaccio has performed Significantly Better than these two, it’s that the Yankees, under Brainless Brian Cashman, seem utterly determined to Destroy the Confidence & Morale of as many of their young prospects as possible.

    They mishandled the use of three position-player prospects last year (Cabrera, Peraza, and Pereira), and look what Oswald Cabrera has done this year when Brainless & Boonehead couldn’t F with him like they did last year. He’s been a damn good performer & a clutch hitter in key situations. And that only happened because Injuries Prevented Cashman & Co. from F-ing with Cabrera’s playing time this year. If Brainless Brian & Boonehead had their way, Cabrera would be playing infrequently & hitting in the .180s.

    The mishandling of Pereira last year was Epic! Pereira was a mere 22 with ONLY 35 AAA Games under his belt when Brainless Brian promoted him last year. You have to be A Complete & Utter MORON to think Pereira, who’s an excellent prospect, was ready to face MLB pitching after just 35 AAA games, but, unfortunately, the Yankees have A Complete & Utter Moron as their GM.

    Hal should buy Cashman a Big Red Rubber Nose the size of a baseball, so he looks like the Clown he is as a GM.

    Emmett Kelly was a sad-faced but funny clown, whereas Cashman is just a sad clown, who brings tears to the eyes of prospects & Yankee fans, alike.

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