Yankees’ hitting coach pays dearly with ejection for standing up to awful umpiring

Yankees' hitting coach James Rowson stares at the umpire as he is ejected at Camden Yards on May 2, 2024/

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The New York Yankees’ struggles continued on Thursday afternoon, falling to the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 7-2. While some of the blame could be attributed to questionable calls from home plate umpire Don Iassonga, the Yankees’ own mistakes and offensive woes were ultimately the deciding factors.

Adding insult to injury, hitting coach James Rowson was ejected in the seventh inning for arguing a called strike on Juan Soto, a play that ultimately had no impact on the at-bat.  

Iassonga’s strike zone was inconsistent throughout the game, frustrating both teams. However, the Orioles managed to overcome the adversity, capitalizing on key opportunities. In contrast, the Yankees struggled to generate offense, going just 1-for-6 with runners in scoring position and leaving seven runners stranded on base.

Starting pitcher Carlos Rodon began the game strong but faltered after surrendering seven runs, including three homers. As he struggled to locate his pitches effectively. An error by Gleyber Torres in the fifth inning further compounded the problems for the Yankees.  


The offense provided no support for Rodon, failing to generate any significant scoring threats against Orioles starter Kyle Bradish, who was pitching for the first time since October. The lack of fight and inability to adapt to the pitching added to the frustration for the Yankees.

This loss was a microcosm of the team’s recent struggles: questionable calls didn’t help, but their own mistakes and offensive ineptitude were the primary reasons for the defeat.

Yankees’ Struggles Go Beyond Umpiring

Gleyber Torres, the player of the new york yankees
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The New York Yankees suffered a disappointing 7-2 loss to the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday, a defeat that exposed their struggles with execution and consistency.

While many fans, including broadcaster Michael Kay, pointed fingers at the newly implemented dimensions at Camden Yards that robbed a potential home run, such external factors mask the core issues plaguing the Yankees.

The team’s struggles manifested throughout the game:

Missed opportunities: The Yankees squandered a golden opportunity in the first inning, failing to capitalize on a bases-loaded situation with a chance to chase Orioles starter Kyle Bradish early.

Poor timing: Frustration with questionable calls from umpire Don Iassonga boiled over in the seventh inning, but the Yankees were already trailing significantly at that point. A more proactive approach was needed earlier in the game.

Individual errors: Gleyber Torres’ error on a double-play attempt and Aaron Judge‘s struggles making contact with pitches were self-inflicted problems that contributed to the loss.

The blame cannot be solely placed on the umpire. The Yankees displayed a lack of preparedness from their hitters and a general inability to put together consistent competitive at-bats.


Furthermore, a team that aspires to greatness needs to have a killer instinct, the ability to capitalize on weaknesses and put opponents away definitively. The Yankees’ tendency to leave the door open for their opponents is a cause for concern.  

There’s a fear that the team’s recent struggles may breed a culture of mediocrity, potentially negating the positive impact of new acquisitions like Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo.

Despite a decent win-loss record of 20-something, the Yankees haven’t inspired much confidence. To truly contend, they desperately need to find a way to execute consistently and eliminate the self-inflicted wounds that are derailing their momentum.

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