Harrison Bader puts up a brave face, hopes for another shot in pinstripes


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The dream to play in pinstripes met an unfortunate end for Harrison Bader. The centerfielder found out he had been put on waivers when he was in the Yankees’ clubhouse kitchen before Tuesday’s game. He saw it on the TV tuned into ESPN and was initially unsure about what being placed on waivers meant. After understanding the situation, the impending free-agent center fielder had to shift his focus back to playing a game.

The Yankees decided to place Harrison Bader on irrevocable waivers, allowing other competitive teams the opportunity to claim him within a 48-hour period. This would make him eligible for their postseason roster if claimed by Friday. However, if no team claims Harrison Bader, he will remain on the Yankees’ roster.

In the meantime, Harrison Bader is in a state of uncertainty as he waits to see whether he will be claimed by another team or continue with the Yankees.

Harrison Bader put up a brave face

After the Yankees’ 4-2 victory against the Tigers, Harrison Bader mentioned that he would be keeping an eye on his phone. He acknowledged that he had to accept the situation and that getting a chance to play baseball, particularly at the major league level, was not something one could take for granted.

“I’ll just be by my phone,” Harrison Bader said at Comerica Park. “But listen, it is what it is. Regardless of the situation, you get an opportunity to play baseball, especially in the big leagues, you never take that for granted.”

Yankees Harrison Bader is celebrating his after hitting a home run in Yankee Stadium in May 2022.

When asked about the news, manager Aaron Boone mentioned that he was unable to provide a comment.

In what might have been one of his last matches with the Yankees, Harrison Bader went hitless in four at-bats and made an unusual error while playing center field. He admitted that thoughts about the waiver situation did cross his mind during the game.

Recognizing his own humanity, Harrison Bader conceded, “Maybe to some degree” his mind was affected. Yet, he clarified that he effectively pushed those thoughts aside while on the field. Harrison Bader detailed that it was during the pauses between plays, such as when he set his helmet down, that he would briefly reflect on the situation.

“I’m human, so yeah, maybe a little bit,” he said. “But I did a really good job, once you get between the white lines, of just turning it off. It’s kind of in those moments in between, when you put your helmet down and stuff, when you’re just like, ‘Hmm, that really happened.’ ”

Harrison Bader yearns for playing in pinstripes


Last year’s trade deadline saw the Yankees bring in Harrison Bader from the Cardinals, a move that was followed by the decision to retain him during this year’s deadline as they aimed for a playoff push. However, their downward trajectory prompted a shift in focus towards nurturing younger talents integral to their long-term plans. Harrison Bader’s recent struggles at bat had led to him being benched in two out of the past four games prior to Tuesday. Despite these developments, he expressed gratitude for his stint with the Yankees.

Expressing his sentiments, the Bronxville native mentioned that donning the Yankees uniform has been an immense blessing and a gift, regardless of past or potential future developments. Harrison Bader conveyed his appreciation for the opportunity to play at the major league level, especially with the New York Yankees, a scenario he never envisioned. He added that every moment of this experience has been enjoyable and cherished and was hoping for another chance.

“Regardless of what happened or may happen, just getting the opportunity to play in this uniform — and I still hopefully do get the opportunity to play in this uniform — just everything that’s happened has been an absolute blessing and an absolute gift,” the Bronxville native said. “I never in a million years thought I’d play in the big leagues, let alone for the New York Yankees. So just the opportunity has been incredible and I’ve loved every second of it.”

Harrison Bader acknowledged that discovering his waiver status through ESPN was somewhat unusual, and it’s not unusual for teams to keep players in the dark about such matters. However, he didn’t appear to be bothered by this revelation.

He chuckled and told reporters that he actually never watches ESPN. He found the situation amusing, mentioning that timing plays a role. Harrison Bader stated that while he’s unsure of the outcome, he’s focused on performing well whenever he steps onto the field to play center field and hit. The centerfielder expressed excitement and remained open to whatever comes next.

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2 thoughts on “Harrison Bader puts up a brave face, hopes for another shot in pinstripes

  1. I like Bader. If he didn’t get hurt a lot, he’d make tremendous sense to keep in a Yankees uniform. He’s an all around nice guy from Bronxville.

  2. I like Bader but if this move means Jasson Dominguez is getting a big league audition I get it. Hopefully he’s traded to a playoff bound team. Like nearly every other Yankee Bader underperformed and was injured a lot.This team needs to rebuild around a core of young players even if that means something less than a championship caliber team in ’24.

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