Gleyber Torres’ pop-up drop leaves Yankees fans angry

Yankees' Gleyber Torres drops a routine over-the-shoulder catch on a pop-up hit by Dodgers' Kike Hernandez in the third inning at Yankee Stadium on June 6, 2024.

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A day after a popular radio host called him boneheaded for his defensive errors, Gleyber Torres did it again. Though he is usually reliable in catching shallow pop-ups in right field, he had an uncharacteristic slip-up on Friday night. Gleyber Torres dropped what seemed to be a routine over-the-shoulder catch on a pop-up hit by Kike Hernandez in the third inning.

Cody Poteet, however, ensured that the error did not impact the Yankees. He picked off Hernandez at first base for the second out and managed to escape the inning without further incident.

Following the Dodgers’ 2-1, 11-inning victory, Yankees manager Aaron Boone defended Gleyber Torres, acknowledging that while the mishap looked bad, the second baseman remains a skilled defender. Boone remarked that the Yankees player “is as good a pop-up catcher as we’ve had” but admitted, “Every time he goes to catch one, I go, ‘Ahh,’ because it’s not how I’d do it.”

Boone acknowledged Gleyber Torres’ error but emphasized the player’s recent improvement on defense. Boone pointed out that Torres’ strong defensive plays often go unnoticed compared to the focus on his occasional mistakes.

Despite the drop, Gleyber Torres made several impressive defensive plays on Friday night and had recently delivered a standout performance against the Angels during a road trip.

Boone conceded that the optics of Friday’s error were not ideal, saying, “He dropped a pop-up. That’s how he catches pop-ups. Not necessarily how I’d do it, but he’s really good at catching them actually. I get it and I don’t want it dropped. But it does happen.”

The manager explained that in the six or seven years Gleyber Torres has been playing, he could not recall another instance of Torres dropping a pop-up. Boone noted that the player’s unique style helps him slow the game down, although it might appear unconventional to onlookers.

While the dropped pop-up did not cost the Yankees in the series opener, it did draw attention to Gleyber Torres’ unorthodox fielding style despite his overall solid defensive performance this season.

Yankees' Gleyber Torres drops a routine over-the-shoulder catch on a pop-up hit by Dodgers' Kike Hernandez in the third inning at Yankee Stadium on June 6, 2024.

Yankees fan react to Gleyber Torres’ error

The uncharacteristic error by Gleyber Torres drew the ire of the Yankees fans.

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2 thoughts on “Gleyber Torres’ pop-up drop leaves Yankees fans angry

  1. Boone is a MORON if the thinks the WORST defensive second basemen in MLB is “really good at doing” ANYTHING in baseball, especially fielding.

    Torres is a HORRENDOUS fielder, possibly the WORST 2B in Yankees History:

    * Torres leads MLB second basemen in ERRORS, by a wide margin, with 9 errors, and that’s being generous; his error total is really at least 10.

    * Torres has the WORST FIELDING % in MLB for a second basemen, by a wide margin.

    * Torres is the only qualifying 2B in baseball with a FIELDING % in the .960s.

    * Torres’ .962 Fielding % is the Worst Fielding % for ANY POSITION PLAYER IN MLB with 50 or more chances: that’s how much Torres sucks defensively; he’s even worse than guys who hardly ever play!

    * The 2B Yankee fans Despise Most, Jose Altuve has a perfect 1.000 Fielding %, thus proving that you can be Both a Jerk Off & a great fielder. So, what’s Torres’s excuse for being the first, but not the latter?

    * Torres’ Error Totals & Fielding % would be MUCH WORSE if Torres wasn’t given a gift (BJ) in SF, where an official scorer credited a batter with a hit on a BLATANT ERROR by Torres, in which Torres exhibited his infamous olé fielding/bullfighting technique on a routine grounder that should have been a double play.

    So, how STUPID is Boone to defend Torres & claim that the WORST 2B in BASEBALL remains a skilled defender.

    If Boone is that STUPID, he needs to be fired immediately. You cannot defend the Statistically Worst 2B in Baseball & say he’s “really good at doing” something that he’s ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE AT!

  2. I can’t get over Boonehead defending The STATISTICALLY WORST FIELDER IN ALL OF BASEBALL yet again!

    Boonehead talks as if Torres is a Platinum Glove Fielder, when he’s literally statistically the worst fielding starter in baseball.

    Yet, Arrogant & Exceedingly Stupid Torres has the Gall to Hot-Dog-It on a routine pop out in an Important game.

    How the hell do you defend a player who says I care more about Looking Cool on a routine pop out, than catching the damn ball, Boone?

    Torres is the ONLY Horrendous Starter on the Yankees. He’s the ONLY starter who could cost them a pennant because of his Utter Stupidity & Carelessness. Trade Torres before he costs us a pennant.

    Any player can potentially make a mistake under extreme playoff pressure, but Torres makes SENSELESS hitting, fielding, and base running mistakes under no pressure — like that routine pop up — with a regularity that makes EX-LAX Jealous.

    EX-LAX should hire Torres as their spokesman. The adds could say: “If you want to crap as much as I do on the field, take EX-LAX! You’ll crap your brains out as regularly as I do at bat, defensively, and running the bases!”

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