Gio Urshela likely to prefer Marlins over Yankees for playing opportunities, claims insider

Inna Zeyger
Sunday February 11, 2024

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Gio Urshela, a familiar face for New York Yankees fans, might be donning a different uniform next season. Despite a frustrating injury-plagued 2023 with the Los Angeles Angels, he’s drawing interest in the free-agent market.

While there’s no confirmed landing spot yet, a surprising possibility has emerged: a reunion with the Yankees. The team that traded him away in 2022 might just bring him back.

The Miami Marlins are another name in the mix, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Needing help at first and third base, Urshela’s versatility could be a perfect fit for their rebuilding roster.

Rosenthal reported that the Marlins are engaged in discussions with free-agent infielder Gio Urshela, as per sources familiar with the matter. He noted that while Urshela wouldn’t directly address the team’s requirement at shortstop, he could potentially address the void resulting from the departures of Jorge Soler and Yuli Gurriel by offering versatility across first base, third base, and designated hitter positions.


He further elaborated that when Josh Bell assumes the designated hitter role, Urshela could potentially fill in at first base. Similarly, when Jake Burger takes on the designated hitter duties, Urshela could transition to third base. However, the Marlins’ approach to addressing the shortstop position is still uncertain. Rosenthal highlighted that available free agents for this position include Tim Anderson, Amed Rosario, Adalberto Mondesí, and Nick Ahmed.

From 2019 to 2021, Urshela shone in pinstripes, solidifying himself as a fan favorite with his consistent hitting and ability to play multiple positions. His return would make sense sentimentally and strategically, but the Yankees face competition in the free-agent market and need to act fast.

Whether he rejoins the familiar crowd at Yankee Stadium or finds a new team to rejuvenate his career, Urshela’s next chapter is about to unfold. Will he write his comeback story in New York, or will another team benefit from his veteran presence and versatility?

Uncertain Reunion or Distant Dream?


Gio Urshela’s name keeps swirling around Yankee Stadium, sparking whispers of a possible reunion. However, the path back to pinstripes seems anything but smooth.

While reports suggest the Yankees are considering bringing him back, the talks have been slow-moving. Other teams, like the Los Angeles Angels and Miami Marlins, have thrown their hats in the ring, potentially offering sweeter deals and more playing time.

According to’s Bryan Hoch, the Yankees and Mets have expressed interest, but their offers haven’t quite matched the competition. Hoch indicates that the Angels and Marlins have “better offers at this time,” hinting at the possibility of more attractive compensation and playing opportunities elsewhere.

The Yankees certainly value Urshela’s versatility and offensive output, evident in his 13 homers with the Angels in 2022. However, their infield boasts similar talent, potentially making him a redundant piece. This internal competition might be hindering their pursuit, and the Marlins’ presence further complicates the equation.

So, will Urshela return to the familiar chants of Yankee Stadium, or will he find his next chapter elsewhere? As of now, the answer remains shrouded in uncertainty. The Yankees face a tough decision: commit to Urshela and potentially overpay for a familiar face, or let him slide to another team and focus on strengthening their depth in other areas. The next few weeks will be crucial in determining the fate of this potential Urshela-Yankees reunion.

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