Gio Urshela rumors swirl — Third base target aligns with Yankees’ strategy

Gio Urshela linked to return to the Yankees
Amanda Paula
Tuesday February 6, 2024

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Reports from Jon Morosi of MLB Network suggest that both the Mets and Yankees are eyeing the services of free agent infielder Gio Urshela, who has garnered interest from other teams, including the Miami Marlins.

Yankees eye Gio Urshela in free agency

Gio Urshela linked to return to the Yankees
Carmen Mandato

Gio Urshela, 32, had his 2023 season cut short due to a fractured left pelvis suffered in June. Before the injury, he showcased his versatility by playing across all four infield positions, posting a batting line of .299/.329/.374 with two home runs in 62 games.

During his last season with the Minnesota Twins in 2022, Urshela recorded a .285/.338/—429 slash line with 13 home runs and 27 doubles in 144 games.

Should Urshela join either New York team, it’s anticipated that he would assume a bench role during spring training. The Mets have established infielders at first base, second base, and shortstop, with prospect Brett Baty poised for a shot at third base. However, if Baty struggles or Mark Vientos takes on a designated hitter role, Urshela could be a viable option for the regular third base position.

Why is Gio Urshela the craziest and most sensible rumor for the Yankees this week?

Gio Urshela linked to return to the Yankees
Steven Ryan

Before the rumor surrounding Gio Urshela’s potential signing, there were indications that the Yankees were exploring various options to bolster their bullpen, which had been hampered by tragic injuries last year. Securing the electrifying Juan Soto was a homerun move, but astute observers knew the pinstripes still sported a few loose threads.

The infield, however, presented a curious case. Anchored by the steady hand of Gleyber Torres, with young guns like Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza waiting in the wings, it wasn’t exactly a glaring weakness. Yet, the ghost of Urshela, traded for Josh Donaldson in 2021, lingered. His return could stitch a quiet, yet meaningful patch on the roster tapestry.

Urshela’s recent stats might leave some fans scratching their heads. A lackluster 2023, riddled with injuries, dampened his shine. But a closer look reveals a player capable of consistent contributions. His expected return comes with tempered expectations, acknowledging his age and waning power.

Gio Urshela linked to return to the Yankees

The financial side sweetens the deal. Urshela is unlikely to break the bank, making a short-term contract a win-win. His presence injects depth and versatility, providing reliable bench muscle while allowing him to showcase his skills for future endeavors.

The Yankees, scarred by last season’s reliance on unproven replacements, understand the crucial role of a Plan B. While Urshela might not be the dazzling acquisition fans dream of, his reliability, especially as a utility infielder or injury cover, could be a hidden gem.

With limited options and a future veiled in uncertainty, Urshela emerges as a logical choice. His familiarity with the team and proven track record offer a reassuring anchor in an offseason churning with unknowns.

As whispers morph into negotiations, the Yankees ponder their options. While the starting infield appears set, Urshela’s potential return could be a calculated maneuver in a game fraught with unpredictability. The Bronx might just be calling him back home.

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One thought on “Gio Urshela rumors swirl — Third base target aligns with Yankees’ strategy

  1. Always a fan of Urshela when he was in pinstripes, but that was years ago and you have to be concerned how he’ll be following a pretty devastating fractured pelvis injury last summer as he would be playing part time at a demanding position like 3rd base or even a few turns at SS to give Volpe a breather. I couild see maybe a 1 year deal for less than 5 million but unless he’s desperate I don’t see him accepting that especially if Mets are in the bidding.

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