Domingo German lifts lid on dark Yankees day, finds solace in Chapman’s compassion

Ex-Yankees star Domingo German

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Former New York Yankees pitcher Domingo German, now playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, has shed light on his tumultuous clubhouse outburst last season. In a recent interview with, the ex-Yankees star offered his first-hand account of the incident, which involved him overturning furniture.

There was prior speculation that alcohol may have played a role in the outburst. However, Domingo German vehemently denied these claims, insisting he was completely sober at the time. The pitcher acknowledged having a few drinks the night before but stressed he wasn’t intoxicated and was fully aware of his actions during the incident.

Despite this clarification, Domingo German expressed regret for his behavior.

“That day was a low point for me,” he admitted. “I clearly wasn’t able to manage my frustration.”

According to Domingo German, the incident stemmed from a disagreement the previous day. He was unexpectedly pulled from a start due to arm soreness but believed he was healthy enough to continue pitching. This apparent lack of control over his situation seems to have contributed to his outburst, as claimed by Domingo German.

“I didn’t drink anything that day,” the pitcher said. “I had a few drinks the night before, but I wasn’t incoherent (the next day). I knew exactly what I was doing that day of the game. “That was a dark day for me,” German said. “I couldn’t control my temper.”

“I drink when I want to drink, but I don’t have any problem,” he said. “I can go a month or two months without drinking,” he said.

Domingo German details tumultuous Yankees clubhouse incident

(AP Photo/Noah K. Murray)

Domingo German, now with the Pittsburgh Pirates, has provided a more detailed account of his clubhouse outburst last season, where he overturned furniture.

According to him, the situation began when he was unexpectedly scratched from the start due to arm soreness. Feeling he could have continued pitching, Domingo German’s frustration grew when Jhony Brito, called up as a replacement, struggled. Ironically, the pitcher ended up pitching five scoreless innings in relief that game.

However, the emotional rollercoaster wasn’t over. To accommodate Brito on the roster, the Yankees optioned pitcher Ron Marinaccio to the minors. According to reports, a misunderstanding arose when a teammate confronted Domingo German about playing loud music while Marinaccio was present during his demotion.

Domingo German, feeling accused of disrespecting his teammate, reacted impulsively by flipping a couch and damaging a television in the clubhouse. He acknowledged the incident as a regrettable lapse in judgment.

“It was definitely a foolish reaction,” Domingo German admitted. He further clarified that he was unaware of the roster moves the previous night, including Marinaccio’s demotion. The pitcher emphasized that a team public relations official was not involved in the altercation either.

Expressing remorse, Domingo German admitted he never intended to show disrespect to his teammates and felt his actions were misinterpreted. He believes the media portrayed him in a negative light that wasn’t entirely accurate.

Marinaccio addresses Yankees clubhouse incident

Domingo German pitched a perfect game on June 28, 2023, at Oakland, to become the first Yankee since David Cone did it 1999.
NYY/ Twitter

Former New York Yankees pitcher Domingo German and current Yankees pitcher Ron Marinaccio shed light on the clubhouse incident last season where the starting pitcher overturned furniture.

Marinaccio, in a separate statement, confirmed he held no grudge against Domingo German regarding the music. He stated there was no malicious intent from the strater and no apology was necessary. While aware of the confrontation with teammates the following day, Marinaccio emphasized it wasn’t directed at him personally. In fact, Marinaccio described Domingo German as a positive influence in the clubhouse, someone who brought humor and camaraderie to the team.

Domingo German reiterated that he was not intoxicated during the incident and had no underlying alcohol issues. He explained that he enjoys social drinking but maintains a healthy relationship with alcohol. The pitcher highlighted his ability to abstain for extended periods, if necessary.

Money behind agreeing to rehab

A wall painting celebrates ex-Yankees pitcher German Domingo's 2023 perfect game in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.

While acknowledging a need for persuasion from his family, Domingo German revealed the primary motivator for rehab was financial. He faced losing the remaining portion of his 2023 contract, approximately $867,777 out of $2.6 million if he didn’t participate.

“The Yankees wouldn’t pay me if I didn’t go,” he explained. “They told me it would be a month-long program. My family convinced me it was the right decision, reminding me of the financial security it provided. They said, ‘You’ll come out feeling better and keep your salary.'”

Regarding his rehab stint last season, Domingo German clarified that financial considerations played a significant role in his decision. He agreed to participate to ensure he received the remaining portion of his contract, approximately $870,000 out of $2.6 million. The pitcher felt the Yankees wouldn’t pay him if he didn’t comply. Domingo German participated for a month, with the support and encouragement of his wife and family, who emphasized the financial benefits and potential positive impact on his well-being.

This sheds light on a complex, multifaceted situation. While Domingo German acknowledges his lapse in judgment, the information clarifies some of the surrounding details.

German embraces fresh opportunity


Following his controversial exit from the New York Yankees, Domingo German has landed a minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates. This opportunity offers him a chance to return to the major leagues, with a potential prorated salary of $1.25 million and performance incentives upon promotion. However, the path back requires consistent performance and responsible behavior, as the Pirates have made clear he will begin the season in the minors.

In a recent interview with NJ Advance Media, facilitated by Pirates assistant coach and interpreter Stephen Morales, Domingo German addressed various topics during his spring training session while the team played in Clearwater. The interview, lasting approximately 30 minutes, covered his relationship with alcohol, his rehab experience, his time with the Yankees, and his current opportunity with the Pirates.

Here’s a breakdown of his key points:

Domingo German acknowledged that he enjoys occasional drinks but maintains that he doesn’t have a problem with alcohol. He emphasized his ability to abstain for extended periods, claiming he can go “a month or two” without drinking. Additionally, he denied being intoxicated during the clubhouse incident with the Yankees, clarifying that while he did have drinks the night before, he was completely sober the next day.

Domingo German’s perspective on his rehab stint seemed somewhat self-serving. He mentioned recognition from staff who remembered him from his previous time there. He also implied receiving preferential treatment from counselors and enjoying admiration from other baseball fans who were also patients. He described shorter therapy sessions than others and engaging in recreational activities like basketball and volleyball with fellow patients.

It’s important to note that rehab programs are designed to offer support and guidance, not preferential treatment. While building relationships and positive experiences are part of the process, the focus should be on recovery and personal growth.

Ex-Yankees arm Domingo German is training in Tampa, FL, in January 2024.

This interview sheds light on Domingo German’s perspective on his past experiences. While he maintains a positive outlook on his future with the Pirates, the details regarding rehab suggest a need for a more introspective approach moving forward.

Domingo German also refuted claims that other incidents during his Yankees tenure stemmed from alcohol use. He specifically addressed a June 16th start at Fenway Park where he struggled, pitching only two innings and allowing seven hits and runs in a 15-5 loss.

Domingo German is at Nicole Gabriel Training center in January 2024.

“After that rough outing in Boston, I went back to the clubhouse and just laid down on the couch, frustrated,” he clarified. “Everyone assumed it was because of alcohol, but it wasn’t true. I just pitched poorly, and people misinterpreted the situation.”

Ex-Yankees arm Domingo German is training at NGT private training facility in Tampa, FL, in January 2024.

Following that interview with Domingo German, NJ Advance Media reached out to sources close to the pitcher to gain a broader perspective. These individuals expressed concerns about Domingo German’s behavior after his latest rehab stint. They reported instances where he vanished for several days, raising worries about a potential relapse with alcohol. Additionally, they noted that Domingo German seemed to distance himself from those who voiced concern for his well-being.

This coincides with a recent change in representation for Domingo German. He transitioned from Dan Lozano of MVP Sports Group to Alexander Zapata of Z-Axis Sports during the offseason. Lozano declined an interview request, simply confirming via text that he no longer represents German. Attempts to reach Zapata for comment were unsuccessful.

Despite these concerns, the Pittsburgh Pirates remain optimistic. General Manager Ben Cherrington assured Pittsburgh reporters that a thorough background check was conducted on Domingo German. Based on their findings, they believe he is committed to working through his personal issues.

However, a potential disconnect exists within the Pirates organization. Billy McKinney, the only current Pirate who overlapped with Domingo German on the Yankees roster last season, stated he was not consulted about the signing. “They never asked me,” McKinney revealed to NJ Advance Media. “I had no clue we were getting him until it was announced. I spoke to some teammates afterward, but they weren’t approached beforehand either.”

This lack of communication within the team, coupled with lingering concerns from Domingo German’s inner circle, raises questions about the pitcher’s long-term prospects with the Pirates. While the team expresses confidence in his commitment to improvement, questions remain regarding his ability to maintain focus and avoid past patterns of behavior.

Ex-Yankee Chapman Offers Support to Domingo German

Yankees starter Domingo German pitched a perfect game against the A's on June 28, 2023, at Oakland.

Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Aroldis Chapman, a former Yankees closer, recently shared his perspective on his relationship with teammate Domingo German. Chapman and German were Yankees teammates from 2017-2019 and 2021-2022, with both players facing suspensions for off-field incidents.

Chapman, who himself served a suspension in 2016 for domestic violence, revealed he has consistently tried to mentor Domingo German. This support continues now that they’re reunited on the Pirates.

While acknowledging Domingo German’s past mistakes, Chapman expressed a strong belief in his potential for positive change. “I know he’s made some bad decisions,” Chapman said, “but I truly believe he’s a good guy at his core.” He went on to detail his past efforts to support Domingo German and reiterated his commitment to helping him now.

However, Chapman also voiced concerns about potential negative influences on Domingo German’s life. “There might be people around him who don’t challenge him to be better,” Chapman suggested. These “enablers,” as Chapman described them, could hinder Domingo German’s ability to confront his issues and make positive changes.

Chapman emphasized the importance of Domingo German recognizing the opportunity the Pirates have given him. He urged him to seize this chance and surround himself with positive influences. “He needs people who will truly support his growth,” Chapman stressed, “not those who might enable him to repeat past mistakes.”

“I know he’s gone the wrong way, but he’s a good man,” Chapman said. “I’ve tried to help him a long time ago. I tried everything. Now he’s my teammate again and I’m here to help him. I told him, ‘Hey, bro, the Pirates are giving you an opportunity. You need to realize this.’”

“Sometimes the people in your space, family and friends, aren’t helping you. I tell him that. I told him that when we were on the Yankees.”

According to Chapman, overcoming challenges requires both personal accountability and self-awareness. He highlighted the importance of ensuring that support from family and friends encourages positive progress, not a continuation of past behavior. “The people around him need to hold him accountable for his actions,” Chapman said, “but also be there to support him as he makes positive changes.”

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