Umpire’s conduct under scrutiny by MLB after Aaron Boone’s controversial ejection

Aaron Boone protests after umpire Hunter Wendelstedt ejected him in the first innings of the Yankees vs. Athletics game at Yankee Stadium on April 22, 2024.
Amanda Paula
Tuesday April 23, 2024

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The episode regarding Aaron Boone’s ejection by umpire Hunter Wendelstedt during the Yankees’ 2-0 loss to the Oakland Athletics has taken a new turn. According to the recent reports, Major League Baseball is set to review the ejection of the Yankees manager.

This development aligns with what Boone said on Tuesday afternoon. During his weekly interview on the Talkin’ Yanks podcast, the Yankees’ skipper revealed that MLB was not satisfied with how the situation unfolded. However, he refrained from commenting on whether there would be any major changes regarding this matter.

MLB poises to review umpire’s actions after Aaron Boone’s weird ejection

The umpire’s bizarre behavior came into question following a fan said something to him from the dugout, which prompted him to eject Aaron Boone, despite Boone not saying anything. After the game, the umpire also blamed Boone for everything that happened in the dugout, even though it was allegedly a fan and not the manager. The umpire’s statements and recent conduct seem to have bothered MLB executives, according to the latest reports.

According to a source speaking with the New York Daily News on condition of anonymity, Major League Baseball intends to scrutinize the incident involving Aaron Boone, home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt, and a fan seated behind the Yankees dugout during Monday’s game. The league routinely reviews all ejections and unusual on-field occurrences, and in this case, both Boone’s ejection and other related circumstances are deemed worthy of examination.

Wendelstedt ejected Boone after just five pitches in the Yankees‘ loss to the Athletics on Monday. The altercation began when A’s leadoff batter Esteury Ruiz was hit by a pitch on his back foot, prompting a dispute over whether he had also swung at the pitch. Boone, believing Ruiz had swung, requested Wendelstedt to review the hit-by-pitch call as well. Wendelstedt, after a heated exchange, ultimately ejected Boone from the game.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone has now a total of 35 ejections as of April 22, 2024.
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Following the incident, Boone clarified that his frustration stemmed primarily from the appeal rather than an altercation with Wendelstedt. However, a fan seated behind Boone in the dugout was reportedly heckling Wendelstedt, leading to the umpire’s declaration of Boone’s ejection, despite Boone’s protests that he himself had not spoken.

Boone, visibly stunned, attempted to explain to Wendelstedt that it was the fan, not him, who had spoken out. However, Wendelstedt maintained his decision to eject Boone, stating that Boone, as the Yankees’ manager, was ultimately responsible for the behavior of those associated with the team.

Despite Wendelstedt’s assertion that the fan’s comments did not influence the ejection, Boone expressed his embarrassment over the situation after the game. Wendelstedt, in a post-game interview with a pool reporter, reiterated his stance that Boone’s ejection was not prompted by the fan’s remarks but rather by a comment from the Yankees’ bench. He further emphasized that Boone’s status as the team’s manager warranted his ejection, regardless of who made the offending remark.

MLB is expected to review the incident, with umpires having one day to file a report, which will then be evaluated by the league’s baseball operations department. Additionally, the league intends to speak with the Yankees regarding the incident. Boone indicated his intention to contact MLB himself, and any disciplinary action resulting from the incident would be announced by the league.

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