Dodgers’ slugger reveals how Aaron Judge’s presence unsettles opponents


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The presence of Aaron Judge‘s presence in the Yankees lineup strikes fear among the opponents. The AL MVP remains a nightmare for pitchers in MLB. This was confirmed by none other than NL Player of the Month Freddie Freeman of the Dodgers.

During the opening inning of Saturday’s clash between the Dodgers and Yankees in Los Angeles, first baseman Freddie Freeman wore a microphone. As Aaron Judge approached the plate, Freeman attempted to convey the exceptional talent possessed by the reigning AL MVP.

Freeman expressed his admiration for Aaron Judge, acknowledging the American League Player of the Month as a formidable presence on the field. In a lighthearted tone, Freeman commented on the challenging task of defending against the Yankees slugger, particularly at third base.

He playfully sympathized with his teammate Max Muncy, pointing out the considerable distance Muncy positioned himself from the batter’s box to handle Aaron Judge’s hitting power.

Muncy strategically positioned himself at the farthest point permitted on the field, aligning with the boundary between the infield and outfield grass. This cautious positioning was a sensible choice, given Aaron Judge’s exceptional recent performance of consistently hitting the ball with remarkable power.

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Freeman expressed his awe, acknowledging Aaron Judge’s remarkable ability to handle a wide range of pitches and hit the ball with immense power to all areas of the field. He emphasized that the versatility and strength of the Yankees power hitter made him a unique talent and a delight to watch for all baseball enthusiasts.

However, Freeman clarified that while he thoroughly enjoys witnessing Aaron Judge smashing colossal home runs, he should prefer it only when they occurred against teams other than his own Dodgers.

With a playful smile, Freeman expressed his hope that Aaron Judge would have a quiet couple of days without any notable hits. However, much to Freeman’s dismay, the Yankees captain defied his wishes by launching his 19th home run of the season in the sixth inning, extending the Yankees’ lead by four runs. Judge’s impactful performance also included a remarkable catch, contributing to New York’s 6-3 victory.

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