DJ LeMahieu rehab update caps successful week for streaking Yankees

DJ Lemahieu, player of the new york yankees

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This past Friday afternoon, the New York Yankees announced that DJ LeMahieu will commence a rehab assignment with Double-A Somerset. This news came as no surprise, as the NY Post had already reported it in the preceding days.

DJ LeMahieu was placed on the 10-day injured list on March 25th with a right foot contusion. He initially began a rehab assignment with Somerset on April 23rd in Reading, but it was cut short after experiencing discomfort in his foot following an inning of play.

How Yankees have improved their bullpen

Anthony Volpe, player of the new york yankees

In the meantime, the Yankees‘ pitching staff showcased their dominance during a sweep of the Twins this week, highlighting their impressive talent and depth. Additionally, key hitters in the lineup delivered encouraging performances, bolstering the team’s overall strength.

Aaron Judge continued his remarkable hitting streak, while Gleyber Torres showed signs of breaking out of his prolonged slump. Anthony Volpe also contributed significantly, returning to form with consistent hitting. These three players accounted for six of the Yankees’ nine hits in Thursday’s 5-0 victory over the Twins at Target Field.

Volpe set the tone early, leading off the game with a home run that extended his hitting streak to nine games. Judge, coming off a stellar performance the previous day where he went 4-for-4 with a home run, three doubles, and a walk, added two more doubles on Thursday. He narrowly missed a third double when Twins center fielder Manuel Margot made a spectacular catch against the wall.

“I’ve seen him do a lot of great things the last six-seven years, but the way he’s swinging the bat right now and seeing the ball is impressive,” manager Aaron Boone said of Judge. “This trip alone, he had the results and success, but he probably hit another five-six balls to the fence that were caught. Just seeing it and not missing when they do make a pitch to him.”

Torres also had a standout performance, hitting a pair of doubles, including one with some assistance from left fielder Alex Kirilloff, who misjudged the ball on the warning track. This marked Torres’ first game with multiple extra-base hits since September. After smashing a three-run homer against the Rays on Sunday, Torres went 5-for-12 with a walk in the series against the Twins.

In other news, DJ LeMahieu, recovering from a non-displaced foot fracture, was sent to Double-A Somerset for a full workout. He is expected to start a rehab assignment, playing three to five innings in the field on Friday and again on Sunday. LeMahieu’s previous rehab attempt was cut short due to foot soreness, but Boone is optimistic this time around.

“We put players through rigorous tests before declaring them game-ready,” Boone explained. “DJ passed all tests last time, and we believe he’s in a good spot physically now. We’re committed to ensuring there are no lingering issues when he returns. It’s about making sure he feels great and can handle the physical demands.”

Reliever Tommy Kahnle, also on a rehab assignment, struck out the side in his fourth appearance with Somerset on Thursday. Pitching on one-day’s rest for the first time, Kahnle is expected to pitch again on Sunday. If he remains in good condition, he could be activated soon.

These developments highlight the Yankees’ efforts to bolster their lineup and pitching staff, aiming for a strong performance as the season progresses. With key players returning to form and the pitching staff firing on all cylinders, the team looks poised for continued success.

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One thought on “DJ LeMahieu rehab update caps successful week for streaking Yankees

  1. RE: “Gleyber Torres showed signs of breaking out of his prolonged slump.”

    Oh, please, Stop It! How many times are Boone, Cashman, and Yankee fans going to fall for the BS mantra that Gleyber is going to stop being an ass at bat, in the field, and on the bases?

    This has been going on for years now. It’s time for Boone (especially!) to wake the F-Up & stop buying into the idea that Torres will ever be anything but a Vastly Inconsistent Player, who completely disappears offensively & defensively for Weeks & even Months at a time.

    Then when Torres hits well for TWO measly games — out of 46 games! — Boone smiles like an Idiot & says, Gleyber’s putting it together. NO, HE’S NOT! He’ll inevitably revert to the Inconsistent Choking Dog he’s always been at bat, in the field, and on the bases because he’s one of the dumbest & most careless players ever.

    Torres has been good 2 out of 46 games, which equates to about 4% of our games. And even if we accept Boone’s overly generous assessment that he’s had 4 good games, that’s about 8% of our games. Whoopee, he “only” sucks 92% of the time for $14.2 Million, extend him!

    The worst part of Boone’s DELUSION is that, when (and if) DJ comes back, Delusional Boone will bench the significantly better-playing Cabrera (and Berti) and leave the vastly inferior Torres in the game to drive Yankee fans nuts with his constant Ks & penchant for swing from his butt when all that’s needed is a single to tie or win a game.

    Cabrera has 41 Fewer ABs than the pathetic Torres, yet Cabrera has Twice as many HRs & almost Twice as many RBI. Cabrera is hitting 38 Points Higher than Torres, and his Slugging & OPS are almost 100 Points Higher than Torres. And Torres is on a pace for a whopping 7 Home Runs & 165 Strike Outs in 162 games.

    But despite those numbers, does anyone doubt that Boonehead will continue to play Torres in favor of benching Cabrera and Berti?

    Einstein supposedly said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” STOP BEING THAT GUY, BOONE! STOP BEING A DELUSIONAL CLOWN!

    How can you expect people to respect you as a manager if you repeatedly buy into the same Lame Delusion that Gleyber’s finally ready to break out? He’s a physical talented dumb**s, who has underachieved his potential every year (but one) in his career. That’s who he is: Accept It & Stop Looking Like a Complete Fool.

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