Aaron Judge faces boos from Giants fans recalling wild ‘Arson Judge’ fiasco

Aaron Judge received booed by Giants fans on May 31, 2024
Amanda Paula
Friday May 31, 2024

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In the opening moments at the plate, Aaron Judge found himself on the receiving end of a cacophony of boos from Giants fans, all ignited by a tweet from Jon Heyman of the New York Post in 2022, insinuating that “Arson Judge” was bound for San Francisco. Fast forward two years, and this tweet sparked renewed discussions online and during broadcasts, particularly poignant as it marked Judge’s first encounter with the spurned Giants.

What’s the ‘Arson Judge’ fiasco?

Jon Herman's strange tweet mistakenly wrote "Aarson Judge" instead of "Aaron Judge."

While rumors of the Giants acquiring the star player had been circulating since 2022, the erroneous report of Aaron Judge turning down their offer left a lasting mark on the minds of fans.

In the aftermath, Yankees supporters swiftly came to Judge’s defense, dismissing the boos as a comedic misunderstanding. However, a sense of bewilderment lingered among some fans.

Yankees' Aaron Judge hitting a home run against the San Francisco Giants, on June 1st, 2024.

The “Arson Judge” fiasco stands out as one of the most peculiar and entertaining moments in baseball history, likely etching its place as one of the most widely shared misspellings on social media.

While the memory of “Arson Judge” may persist, Aaron Judge continues to hold court with the Yankees under a substantial contract.

The potential destinations of the Giants or the San Diego Padres briefly seized the baseball world’s attention, courtesy of a momentary misstep in reporting by columnist and MLB insider Jon Heyman. Heyman’s tweet on December 6, 2022, suggesting Judge’s imminent move to the Giants, was promptly corrected four minutes later upon the realization that no such agreement had been reached.

Aaron Boone reflects on the ‘Aarson Judge’ episode

Before a meeting at Oracle Park, Yankees manager Aaron Boone spoke to the press about the Aaron Judge situation. Boone said that although he initially doubted the accuracy of Jon Heyman’s tweet about Judge, seeing it made him “uneasy.”

Initially, Boone didn’t discuss the matter with Aaron Judge. However, they talked later that night, about six to eight hours after social media erupted with speculation following their 9 p.m. dinner. This conversation happened before Yankees ownership had spoken to Judge.

The next morning, Aaron Boone’s phone was again flooded with messages, but this time they were all positive. The sentiment in San Francisco, however, was not as upbeat.

After more than a year since the gap, Aaron Judge, in his role as the Yankees’ captain, showcased an unforgettable performance against San Francisco.

Aaron Judge, a former AL MVP, has played 16 games in the Bay Area. In the past Friday’s exhibition against the Giants, he hit two homers, which helped him claim and pad the Major League home run lead with 20, having hit 14 this month. He also became the first player in Yankees history to have at least 14 homers and 12 doubles in a single calendar month, surpassing Lou Gehrig, who had 12 homers and 12 doubles in July 1930.

Additionally, Aaron Judge has faced the Giants three times at Yankee Stadium, batting .462 (6-for-13) with two home runs and four RBIs in those games. Following his historic 2022 season, Aaron Judge hit 37 home runs last year. No Giant has hit 30 home runs since Barry Bonds in 2007.

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