Blake Snell in New York a surefire disaster for Yankees: Radio host

The Yankees are reportedly interested in NL Cy Young winner Blake Snell in the 2023 off season.
John Allen
Friday January 5, 2024

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Reigning NL Cy Young Blake Snell is drawing interest from the Yankees, yet baseball analyst Sal is sounding a cautionary note. He strongly advises both the Yankees and their crosstown rivals, the Mets, to exercise caution in pursuing the left-handed ace.

“Blake Snell, he’s like a douche,” Sal said. “He will be a disaster in New York. He’s a five-inning pitcher that’s gonna get overpaid…I don’t think he’s got the guts to handle New York. He’ll be worse than [Carlos] Rodon. He may be effective, which will help them, but once things go sideways…I don’t think he’s got it in him to respond.”

Sal’s reservations revolve around Blake Snell’s perceived ability to adapt to the high-pressure environment of New York City baseball. He questions the pitcher’s capacity to handle the intense scrutiny and expectations, characterizing him as a “flashy” performer while expressing doubts about his resilience in challenging situations.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge with San Diego pitcher Blake-Snell in May 2023.

Sal cautions Yankees over pursuing Blake Snell

Acknowledging that Blake Snell might initially provide a burst of effectiveness, Sal doesn’t foresee him rebounding in a manner comparable to Jordan Montgomery when faced with adversity. Montgomery, a Yankees starter, is praised for already displaying the mental fortitude necessary to succeed in the demanding New York environment. Sal remains unconvinced of Blake Snell’s ability to demonstrate similar mettle, citing his postseason success with the Rays as insufficient evidence.


At the core of Sal’s argument is the belief that Blake Snell might not be suited for the “bright lights” of New York. He paints a portrait of a player who prefers smoother waters and avoids confrontation, particularly in the high-pressure landscape of the Big Apple.

The accuracy of Sal’s assessment is yet to be determined. However, his perspective introduces intriguing questions about Snell’s mental resilience and its potential implications in the context of a move to New York. Ultimately, the decision to pursue or avoid Blake Snell lies with the Yankees and Mets, but Sal’s insights provide valuable considerations for contemplation.

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