Insider pushes Yankees to prioritize pursuing Blake Snell over Montgomery

Yankees captain Aaron Judge with San Diego pitcher Blake-Snell in May 2023.

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The New York Yankees need to recover from the Yoshinobu Yamamoto blow quickly and sign a trusted pitcher to fill the rotation gap. They have two big options Blake Snell, the reigning NL Cy Young winner, and Jordan Montgomery, who went on to win a ring after the Yankees dumped him.

According to Joe Heyman of the Post, While Snell, the reigning NL Cy Young winner, may appear to be the more glamorous acquisition for the Yankees, bringing back the former Yankee Jordan Montgomery could pose a more challenging task. He suggests the Yankees to prioritize Snell over Monty.

Yankees consider both Snell and Montgomery

After the Dodgers secured Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the Yankees find themselves revisiting the starting pitcher market, setting their sights on two familiar figures: former Yankee Jordan Montgomery and the reigning NL Cy Young winner, Snell. However, the critical question isn’t just about the Yankees’ preferences; it’s about who among these pitchers is genuinely interested in donning the pinstripes.

Snell, armed with his dynamic pitching and spirited demeanor, appears to be the more enticing option. He carries recent accolades, confidence, and the potential to silence skeptics questioning his walk rate. On the other hand, Monty, a beloved figure returning to the Bronx, offers reliability and familiarity—a left-handed anchor to complement the fireworks brought by Judge.

Yet, the Yankees, still reeling from the disappointment of missing out on Yamamoto, must confront some stark realities. Can they compete with the allure of West Coast sunshine and the glitz of Hollywood, even for players with a history in Yankee blue? Do they possess the financial clout to pry Snell away from a competitive market?

The blow of losing out on Yamamoto is evident, the taste of champagne almost on their lips before the cork popped. Now, faced with a field of suitors flaunting deeper pockets and flashier addresses, the pinstripes must grapple with the question: Are they still the most attractive option?

Both Montgomery and Snell, appealing pitchers in their own right, deserve more than being mere consolation prizes. They deserve a team that values them not only for their pitching prowess but also for the intangibles they contribute to the clubhouse—the grit and fire that could spark a renaissance in the Bronx.

So, Yankees, step up to the plate. Convince Montgomery and Snell that they are not just backup plans. Demonstrate that the pinstripes still gleam, and the cheers of the Bronx still resonate. Make them believe that they can be the crucial piece, not just another name on a wish list. Because in this game of aces, sometimes the right choice isn’t just about talent; it’s about making hearts beat true.

Snell better option than Monty for Yankees

The allure of returning home, combined with the potential resolution of Texas’ TV deal, might be the irresistible siren song that Montgomery finds hard to resist. Having played a crucial role in the Yankees’ World Series victory, the familiarity of Arlington could exert a powerful pull.

On the other hand, Snell faces a less clear landscape out west. While his hometown Seattle may have sentimental value, their competitiveness doesn’t quite match up to the Yankees’. The Angels, despite their Shohei Ohtani-led aspirations, might be a year or two away from true contention, and the Dodgers-dominated NL West presents numerous obstacles. Ultimately, for Snell, the desire for victory might outweigh geographical considerations.

Jordan Montgomery playing a game with Texas Rangers.

His agent, Scott Boras, underscores this point, emphasizing Snell’s preference for a “competitive and winning environment,” leaving the door wide open for the Yankees.

In this high-stakes poker game, no one readily reveals their hand. But one thing is evident: Snell, having conquered both coasts and leagues with Cy Young hardware, wouldn’t shy away from the tough AL East, where he previously thrived with the Rays.

So, where does that leave the Yankees? Both pitchers present tempting possibilities, but Montgomery introduces a complex puzzle with sentimental ties and the potential for a Texas homecoming. Snell, despite Western whispers, ultimately craves victory, and the Bronx might offer the most fertile ground for that desire to flourish.

Ultimately, the decision won’t be solely about statistics or accolades. It’s about understanding the heartstrings that tug at these pitchers, deciphering the hidden desires nestled within their ambitions. Can the Yankees tap into those aspirations, offering them not just a spot on the roster but a pathway to championship glory? Only time will reveal who is truly the right fit for the pinstripes.

Why Snell is the ace Yankees need


The chilly winds of winter carry whispers of discontent through the Bronx. Rejections, from Yamamoto’s departure to Counsell’s Brewers reunion, sting. Yet, instead of dwelling on the “what ifs,” the Yankees must seize victory from the jaws of winter, and that means one name: Blake Snell.

Certainly, doubts surround Snell; his inconsistency can match the intensity of his fastball. However, doubts often fuel greatness, and Snell’s potential roars like a lion. Arguably the game’s finest southpaw, he’s a flamethrower crafted from molten talent.

With Gerrit Cole as his partner, the Bronx could boast baseball’s most fearsome one-two punch. Imagine the shivers sent down spines, the groans heard across rival dugouts. Cole, a connoisseur of pitching prowess, reportedly relishes the prospect.

While Montgomery, a beloved prodigal son, faces a robust market, Snell is the better pitcher. The Phillies, Red Sox, and the allure of Fenway, coupled with a Harvard-trained spouse, present fierce competition. Frankly, Snell outshines.

The fear of another “no” might paralyze, but the Yankees cannot afford inertia. The worst Snell can do is decline, a continuation of a shared winter of rebuffs. Yet, the potential upside is monumental – a championship-caliber rotation anchored by a fiery lefty, the Bronx faithful roaring, and the ghosts of rejection exorcised in a blaze of glory.

Remember Counsell, choosing cheese curds and Brewers’ blue over the Big Apple? Remember Yamamoto, the apple-cheeked enigma opting for palm trees over pinstripes? Tantalizing prospects, yes, but mere whispers, not guarantees. Snell, a Cy Young winner, is battle-tested and brimming with raw talent – a proven force, not a promising maybe.

Yamamoto won hearts with his youthful charm, yet he’s yet to take the major league stage. In contrast, Snell brings both pedigree and present power. And unlike Yamamoto’s $375 million gamble, Snell won’t break the bank.

The Yankees hunger for a winter win, a Bronx-flavored antidote to the season’s sting. They crave fire, not hype – the bite of a champion, not the allure of an untested dream. So, let the doubters whisper while the Yankees roar. Bring on Snell, unleash the lefty flamethrower, and let the pinstripes reclaim their reign as baseball’s most feared predator.

Yankees may get the spark with Snell in rotation


Agent Scott Boras appreciates a compelling comparison, and his latest match for Blake Snell? None other than the iconic Big Unit himself, Randy Johnson. At their respective peaks (ages 28-30), Snell went toe-to-toe with Johnson, boasting a lower batting average allowed (.201 vs. .207) and a more formidable strikeout rate (31.5% vs. 28.3%). While labeling Snell as the next Johnson might be a stretch, when he’s in top form, the lefty is a natural force. A testament to this is his 2022 performance – leading the majors in opponent OPS at .579, with Gerrit Cole closely following at .581.

Envision that dynamic duo, Cole and Snell, unleashing their prowess from the Bronx mound. It’s a scenario that sends shivers down the spines of opponents and positions the Yankees as immediate favorites in the AL. In fact, securing Snell would make them the first team since the 1990 Royals (Saberhagen and Davis) to showcase back-to-back Cy Young winners, making a resounding statement about their championship aspirations.

While Juan Soto‘s arrival made seismic waves, adding Snell could trigger a volcanic eruption. The Dodgers may have acquired Freeman and Betts in a historic winter, but a Soto-Snell combination would paint the Bronx with championship dreams that the entire league would envy.

There’s no room for cold feet in the Bronx heat. This is the opportune moment to strike, to make a move that resonates through baseball history. So, Yankees, step up to the plate. Unleash the lefty beast, let Cole release his own fire, and witness the pinstripes dancing under the stadium lights – a symbol of dominance in a league yearning for worthy challengers. This isn’t just about filling a roster slot; it’s about reclaiming your rightful place as the king of the baseball jungle.

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