Yankees’ Yoendrys Gomez gets a fourth option thanks to medical magic

Yankees' pitching prospect Yoendrys Gomez
Sara Molnick
Friday January 5, 2024

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Amid the pitching depletion, the Yankees receive a boost, courtesy of some medical wizardry. Yoendrys Gomez, a standout pitching prospect, has surprisingly gained clearance for a fourth option year—a game-changing development wrapped in technicality. While seemingly minor, this is a grand slam win-win for the Yankees.

Yoendrys Gomez, a promising flamethrower, had exhausted his standard three options, placing the Yankees in a dilemma. They either keep him on the big league roster all season, potentially stunting his growth or risk losing him to waivers by sending him back to the minors.

Enter the medical rabbit-from-a-hat moment, reminiscent of the one that provided the Yankees with an extra option for Dellin Betances. Yoendrys Gomez qualifies, providing the Bombers with crucial flexibility in his development. Now, they can nurture his skills in the minors while keeping him safely within their system—a paradise for pitching prospects.

Yoendrys Gomez gives Yankees a much-needed boost

This double play of joy benefits both the player and the team. Yoendrys Gomez gets the essential reps he needs, while the Yankees sidestep the agonizing choice between big league exposure and potential waivers. So, Bronx faithful, raise a toast to medical miracles and strategic finesse. The Gomez saga has taken a positive turn, adding another weapon to the already potent Yankees pitching arsenal. Keep an eye on that fastball; it might electrify the Bronx sooner than expected.


But the victory isn’t solely about Yoendrys Gomez’s medical marvel. Recall Oswald Peraza, the infielder in option purgatory? His fourth option underscores the importance of depth—calling up prospects like Gomez (potentially five times in 2024) without burning their remaining options, akin to last season’s moves with Jhony Brito and Randy Vasquez. These flexible depth pieces, alongside Michael King and Drew Thorpe, played a pivotal role in acquiring Juan Soto—a testament to the power of a well-oiled pitching machine.

So, while Yoendrys Gomez may pitch only one game for the Yankees this season (as he did last September), his ability to shuttle between the minors and majors, stepping in when needed, adds another valuable layer to the Yankees’ pitching strategy. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

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