Anthony Rizzo fulfills cancer-fighter fan’s dream to watch a live Yankees game

Yankees star Anthony Rizzo is with kids fighting cancer
Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation

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The team’s fans are the biggest stars for the Yankees. Anthony Rizzo proved it again when he took the time to meet Jackson, an ardent Yankees fan fighting cancer for the second time and facilitated his live game watching at Yankee Stadium.

While known for his powerful hits on the baseball field, Anthony Rizzo’s efforts extend beyond the game as he strives to make a positive difference in the world. In a heartwarming act, the first baseman for the New York Yankees played a significant role in making the dream of the young individual battling a serious cancer condition come true.

Similar to the speed and impact of a fastball, cancer has the ability to disrupt and destabilize one’s life. Its relentless nature can create a sense of uncertainty and darkness. However, amidst these challenges, Anthony Rizzo’s exceptional act toward his young fan shines as a beacon of hope. Undoubtedly, this heartfelt gesture must have brought an immense and radiant smile of joy to the face of the young fan, illuminating their spirit in the face of adversity.

Anthony Rizzo meets Jackson

The young Yankees fan is currently fighting his second battle against cancer. Anthony Rizzo made a desire to meet him after he discovered that Jackson, amidst his treatments, always kept with him a custom-made Yankees helmet adorned with the NYY logo and Anthony Rizzo’s name, and the number 48.

Upon seeing the heartfelt pictures of Jackson with the helmet, the Yankees star was deeply moved and inspired to bring the joy of normalcy and the fulfillment of a dream to his young fan. With this heartfelt intention, Anthony Rizzo extended an invitation to Jackson and his family, granting them the incredible opportunity to witness a Yankees game firsthand from the stadium. Through this act of kindness, the first baseman granted Jackson’s long-cherished dream of experiencing the excitement and magic of a live Yankees game.

The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, dedicated to supporting cancer research and families impacted by this relentless disease, shared Jackson’s story on their official Twitter account. Alongside the heartwarming narrative, they shared an image of Jackson wearing a Yankees jersey, accompanied by a smiling Anthony Rizzo. At that moment, it is hoped that Jackson found solace and temporarily escaped from the weight of his troubles, embracing the sheer joy of living his dream alongside his baseball idol.

Anthony Rizzo is a cancer survivor

The Yankees first baseman himself is a cancer survivor. In 2007, at the age of 17, Anthony Rizzo was about to be drafted directly out of High School by the Boston Red Sox organization. However, his world came crashing down when he received the unexpected news of being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. It was terrible news for him personally but also especially grueling for his family as his Grandma was simultaneously battling breast cancer. Despite the discomfort caused by the chemotherapy treatments, he dug deep and completed his treatment. After doctors declared him cancer free on September 2, 2008, Anthony Rizzo again aspired to start his baseball journey.

In 2012, the Yankees star started The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation as an initiative to provide all types of assistance to kids suffering from cancer.

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