Aaron Judge remains humble despite growing fame, wins hearts with his attitude

Aaron Judge is with Official Bat Dog at Yankee Stadium.

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Aaron Judge is the AL MVP and holds the AL record for the most homers. The slugger is the best power hitter the Yankees have at present and has a massive fan following that goes far beyond New York. Though many see him as the greatest in the current generation of the Yankees, Aaron Judge never boasts that he has a stature comparable to former greats.

Legendary players, such as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Roger Maris have left indelible marks on the Yankees’ history. Then along came Aaron Judge, who is already establishing himself as a modern legend. Many have likened Judge to the aforementioned Yankees greats due to his remarkable talents and imposing demeanor on the field. However, the Yankees skipper has avoided being compared to his team. Even so, Aaron Judge knows he has a ways to go before he can be included in the pantheon of greats.

Aaron Judge was recently interviewed by SiriusXM and questioned about being compared to baseball legends worshipped by the Yankees’ fans. The reigning AL MVP gave an answer that overwhelmed the host with his humility.

He admitted that they were Yankees greats universally recognized as representing excellence in baseball and beyond. According to him:

“Every time you visit a World Series stadium or look at baseball’s Hall of Fame, you’ll be reminded of the magnitude of their accomplishments.”

“To quote Roger Maris: “It’s a shock you know, the names you named – Babe Ruth, Roger Maris,…. There’s a long list of players who have won a World Series championship and whose rings may be seen at Yankee Stadium. To continue, he said, “Those are legends, those are Yankee legends, baseball greats, how could I ever be linked with those guys?” Only a few of years into my profession, and I’m just getting started.”

Even though he has already had a successful career, Aaron Judge is quick to point out that he is only getting started in baseball and will never take the honor of being named in the same breath as such baseball greats.

Aaron Judge also highlighted that despite his dedication to the Yankees’ success, he would never consider himself to be in the same league as Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, and the other Yankee greats. He will always be inspired and humbled by this distinction.

Having won the home run crown a record seven times, Babe Ruth’s name is inextricably linked to baseball glory. His career high is 60 home runs in a season. But last year, Aaron Judge broke the record with a then-record 62 home runs. Among the many names associated with the New York Yankees, Ruth is one of the most iconic. Whether or not Judge will match or perhaps surpass Babe Ruth’s legendary status in baseball history and carry on the Yankees’ winning tradition is yet to be seen.

Loaisiga praises Aaron Judge for being humane

Aaron Judge has been in the major leagues for over seven years, which gives him a pretty good resume. Fans of the Yankees are hoping that their new skipper will lead them to a title celebration. He made his Yankees debut in 2016. From that time until now, Aaron Judge is respected and loved as among the best players in MLB.

“Most Valuable as a human being too. Cheers to the Captain” – loaisiga43_

After becoming the AL MVP, Aaron Judge entered the league of Yankee legends, such as Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, Micky Mantle, and others. However, he still doesn’t have the World Series title that all of these other legends won while playing for the Yankees.

Aaron Judge re-signed with the New York Yankees after a stressful and disappointing time as a free agent. Hal Steinbrenner didn’t give up on their star player and got him back for nine years paying $360 million.

The Yankees’ management then held a flashy press conference to announce that Aaron Judge would be their new captain. Since 2009, they haven’t been able to win the World Series. This is one of the few pieces of silverware that Aaron Judge doesn’t have in his trophy case. He will be determined to get a World Series ring in 2023.

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