Aaron Hicks getting comfortable after leaving the Yankees

Aron Hicks playing for Baltimore

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Outfielder Aaron Hicks’ struggles with the Yankees were surprisingly resolved without additional batting practice. It turned out that all he needed was for the team to relax its strict policy on facial hair.

After being let go by the Yankees and swiftly picked up by the Baltimore Orioles, Hicks experienced a dramatic turnaround. He decided to ditch the razor and focus on his hitting instead.

“I’ve been enjoying not having to shave all the time, especially considering I’m bald. It’s a lot more convenient,” shared Hicks in an interview with Jacob Calvin Meyer of The Baltimore Sun. “This allows me to be true to myself and express my personality.”

Factors Contributing to Hicks’ Success

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons behind Hick’s success. It could be the beard or even the more relaxed atmosphere, as he suffered a lot of pressure from the Yankees fanbase. Nevertheless, some significant effects have had a quicker impact, such as the increased playing time or the supportive cheers that have replaced the boos. It could be a combination of all these factors, but one thing is sure: it’s working.

“Since joining the Orioles, I’ve been in almost every game. In New York, I felt confined to a specific role. It’s tough when you’re uncertain about your playing time. Establishing a rhythm is hard, and I’m the kind of hitter who thrives on rhythm.”

Long-Term Plans for Hicks with the Orioles

Upon his arrival, the Orioles made it clear that they have long-term plans for Hicks, hinting that his beard may continue to grow.

“There have been cases around the league where a change of scenery has proven beneficial,” commented manager Brandon Hyde. “Sometimes, all you need is a breath of fresh air, a change of uniform to reignite your passion. Hopefully, that’s the case for Aaron.”

Hyde added: “He still possesses the tremendous ability, incredible athleticism, and the power to hit home runs from both sides of the plate. He’s demonstrated that throughout his career, and we’re hopeful this change will provide the boost he needs this time.”

General Manager Mike Elias expressed his optimism: “We might not achieve perfection every time, but we see potential in Aaron Hicks that aligns with our team’s vision. I hope this change injects new life into him, and I have faith that he’ll contribute to our success on the field.”

In 2019, the Yankees signed Hicks to a seven-year, $70 million contract, ultimately failing to meet expectations. Last month, the team decided to cut their losses and absorbed the remaining $27 million of his contract.

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