Aaron Boone ties Billy Martin’s Yankees record, ranks 7th best in franchise lore

Yankees' skipper Aaron Boone is now standing besides legend Billy Martin.
Esteban Quiñones
Tuesday June 11, 2024

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Aaron Boone achieved a significant milestone by securing his 556th managerial win, tying him with Billy Martin for seventh all-time in franchise history. The Yankees rolled out their “B lineup” after a late travel day, a strategic move that paid off. Instead of relying on hero homers, the team focused on singles, bunts, and solid at-bats, showcasing a refreshing approach. This victory underlined Aaron Boone’s adept management style, blending traditional tactics with modern analytical insights, a fitting homage to Martin’s legacy.

Aaron Boone, manager of the new york yankees
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Aaron Boone vs. Billy Martin

Billy Martin’s legacy with the Yankees is characterized by his aggressive style and fiery personality. Managing the Yankees over five different stints between 1975 and 1988, Martin accumulated a record of 556-385, boasting a .591 winning percentage. His most notable period was during 1976-1977 when he led the Yankees to consecutive American League pennants and a World Series title. Martin was known for his tactical brilliance, frequently employing strategies like the sacrifice bunt and hit-and-run to keep opponents off balance.

Billy Martin of the New York Yankees

Martin’s tenure, however, was often tumultuous. His confrontational nature led to numerous clashes with players, umpires, and the Yankees’ front office, particularly with owner George Steinbrenner. Despite these challenges, Martin’s ability to transform underperforming teams into contenders was undeniable. His erratic behavior, often exacerbated by alcohol, ultimately led to multiple firings, but his impact on the team remained significant until his tragic death in 1989.

In stark contrast, Aaron Boone, who took over as manager in 2018, has adopted a more measured and analytical approach. Boone, a former player, leverages his experience and communication skills to foster a positive clubhouse atmosphere. His management style relies heavily on data-driven decisions and close collaboration with the front office, which has resulted in consistent success. Under Aaron Boone, the Yankees have enjoyed multiple 100-win seasons and have remained competitive in a highly scrutinized environment.

While Aaron Boone’s record stands at 556-382 with a .592 winning percentage as of June 10, 2024, his managerial style differs significantly from Martin’s. Aaron Boone’s calm demeanor contrasts sharply with Martin’s fiery personality. However, both managers share a propensity for standing up for their teams, with Martin being ejected 48 times in 2,267 games and Boone 36 times in 937 games.

On being told that he’s taken another step towards greatness in pinstripes, Aaron Boone said: “An amazing manager amazing playing career. Certainly a storied history with this team. A lot of ups and downs, but I think in his time and his generation known as one of the great and really smart managers. I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of great players out there that allowed me to win some games. It’s more of a credit to the people you are surrounded with and the players you get. I certainly have a reverence for this chair and a reverence for the people that went before me”

Aaron Boone’s managerial stats

Baseball Reference

Billy Martin’s managerial stats

1969Minnesota Twins97650.5991620303
1971Detroit Tigers91710.562162004
1972Detroit Tigers86700.551156230.42
1973Detroit Tigers71630.53134004
1973Texas Rangers9140.39123000
1974Texas Rangers84760.525161005
1975Texas Rangers44510.46395004
1975New York Yankees30260.53656001
1976New York Yankees97620.61159360.3332
1977New York Yankees100620.617162740.6362
1978New York Yankees52420.55394002
1979New York Yankees55400.57995002
1980Oakland Athletics83790.512162004
1981Oakland Athletics37230.61760330.51
1981Oakland Athletics27220.55149330.51
1982Oakland Athletics68940.42162006
1983New York Yankees91710.562162003
1985New York Yankees91540.628145000
1988New York Yankees40280.58868002
Baseball Reference

Who’s ahead of Aaron Boone now?

With his 556th win, Aaron Boone is now ranked the seventh-best manager in Yankees history. Dick Howser, with a record of 103-60 and a .632 winning percentage, tops the list. Howser’s brief but impactful tenure in 1980 led the Yankees to the AL Eastern Division championship, though they fell short in the playoffs. Howser’s abrupt resignation, widely seen as a forced move by Steinbrenner, remains a notable chapter in Yankees history.

Joe McCarthy (1931-1946) is the winningest Yankees manager, with a 1,460-867 record (.627 winning percentage). Under McCarthy, the Yankees won eight pennants and seven World Series titles, including four consecutive championships from 1936 to 1939. McCarthy’s 16-season tenure remains a benchmark of managerial excellence.

Casey Stengel (1949-1960) transformed the Yankees into MLB’s most successful team, winning 10 pennants and seven World Series titles during his 12-year tenure. Stengel’s record of five consecutive World Series titles remains unmatched, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest managers in baseball history, with a .623 winning percentage.

Joe Torre (1996-2007) is perhaps the most popular Yankees manager, overseeing one of the greatest dynasties in baseball history. Torre led the Yankees to four World Series titles and six pennants, with a 1,173-767 record and a .605 winning percentage. His 12 consecutive playoff appearances solidified his status as a legendary manager.

Miller Huggins (1918-1929) managed the Yankees for 12 years, guiding them to three World Series titles and six pennants. Huggins finished his career with a 1,067-719 record, laying the foundation for the Yankees’ future success.

Ralph Houk (1961-1963, 1966-1973) led the Yankees to three straight AL Pennants and two World Series titles in his first managerial stint. Houk’s 944-806 record and .539 winning percentage reflect his steady leadership during a transitional period for the team.

Despite being questioned very often and often being a punching bag for fans, since 2018 Aaron Boone has taken great steps in the direction of Yankees greatness. While his wins are somewhat evidence of that, the lack of a World Series in his tenure will always make his list of accomplishments incomplete. For a Yankees fan, there’s just one thing that matters – the World Series. And when you’ve already tasted that sweet victory 27 times, you always want one more. 2024 is Aaron Boone’s best chance to get there. Will he? What do you think? Leave your comment below!

New York Yankees top 10 managers

1Joe McCarthy14608670.62723486
2Joe Torre11737670.605194222
3Casey Stengel11496960.623185112
4Miller Huggins10677190.597179614
5Ralph Houk9448060.539175724
6Joe Girardi9107100.562162034
7Aaron Boone5563820.59393836
8Billy Martin5563850.59194114
9Clark Griffith4193700.53180723
10Buck Showalter3132680.5395829
Baseball Reference

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