Yankees’ Aaron Boone remains unmoved by turmoil in the Bronx

Yankees manager Aaron Boone is seen during an interview with Talkin' Yanks.

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General Manager Brian Cashman has already admitted that the 2023 season is a disaster for the Yankees. Fans are pressing for the heads of Aaron Boone and Cashman holding them responsible for the Yankees’ decline. However, the manager seems to be unrattled and focused on completing the season with the team.

Aaron Boone is well aware that his return to the Yankees’ dugout for the upcoming season is uncertain. He is not shying from acknowledging the substantial criticism directed at him while leading a team currently positioned in last place. However, he emphasized on Friday that these factors would not influence his approach to the remaining part of the season.

Aaron Boone steadfast amid Yankees’ struggles

When questioned about whether he perceived any actions that could guarantee his return for the next season, Aaron Boone responded that he wasn’t certain. Regardless of the potential actions or outcomes, he emphasized that his approach and dedication would remain consistent. He affirmed his commitment to continue his preparation and work ethic in the same manner, regardless of the implications for his future.

“I don’t know. If there is or isn’t, it doesn’t change anything for me,” Aaron Boone told The Post. “I’m going to keep preparing and working the same way.”

With only a single year left on the three-year contract he agreed to after the 2021 season, he’ll head into the offseason. During his press briefing at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, general manager Brian Cashman emphasized that all positions, including his own and Aaron Boone’s, will be assessed after what he referred to as a “disastrous” season.

Aaron Boone, the manager of the New York Yankees
Gregory Bull/Associated Press

However, Cashman didn’t forget to back his friend and according to him, Aaron Boone is exerting maximum effort, much like everyone else involved.

Aaron Boone addressed the ongoing speculation and uncertainty surrounding his job stability, stating that he was unruffled by such matters that would consume his thoughts but were beyond his capability. He is focused on the tasks at hand and his ability to avoid such things allows him to concentrate on his work, a skill he believes he possesses to a greater extent than others.

“I can’t worry about any of that stuff because it’s out of my control,’’ Aaron Boone said. “I try to have perspective on things and just do the work. I try to separate certain things and I think I do that better than most.”

But the reality bites

However, the continuous string of losses has significantly affected the manager’s credibility. Aaron Boone acknowledged the challenges posed by the competitive nature of the situation and noted that the team’s relentless pursuit of victory and their wholehearted dedication to the endeavor had made the job demanding. According to him, the stakes are high and the effort invested is substantial, making it particularly difficult when the desired outcomes are not achieved.

“It’s tough because of the competition part of it,’’ Boone said. “We’re trying to win and we’re pouring everything we have into this. We have a lot riding on it and when it doesn’t work, it’s hard.”


He mentioned that the outspoken critiques from fans and the media didn’t tend to have a significant impact on him, especially when the team was going through challenging periods. Aaron Boone mentioned that he limits his exposure to external sources, particularly during struggles. The Yankees manager shared that he minimized his engagement with news and media, opting to read and watch less than usual.

Aaron Boone also clarified that he tends to be more connected and engaged when the Yankees are performing positively. The Yankees manager doesn’t extensively read news and opinions during prosperous periods though he does tune into outlets like the MLB Network. Even during hard times, he doesn’t pay much attention to his mentions on Twitter and his primary concentration remains on his responsibilities and tasks.

The current season has presented a distinct and unique set of circumstances for the manager. Despite staying unnerved, Aaron Boone admits to feeling a heightened emotional impact when the team’s performance fails to win games.

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