1907 New York Yankees (Highlanders)

Esteban Quiñones
Sunday March 17, 2024

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The final standing5th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record70-78 (.473)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank5th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerClark Griffith
CaptainKid Elberfeld
Top batterHome runs: Danny Hoffman (5), Wid Conroy (3)
BA: Hal Chase (.287), George Moriarty (.277), Kid Elberfeld (.271)
Runs: Danny Hoffman (81), Hal Chase (72), Kid Elberfeld (61)
RBI: Hal Chase (68), Jimmy Williams (63), Kid Elberfeld (51)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Bil Hogg: 10-8, 3.08
Jack Chesbro: 10-10, 2.53
Slow Joe Doyle: 11-11, 2.65
Attendance record350,020 (6th of 8)

1907 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1907 season of the New York Highlanders, who would later be known as the New York Yankees, was a campaign marked by both challenge and transition. Finishing in fifth place in the American League with a record of 70 wins and 78 losses, the team found itself while rebuilding and reshaping its roster for future success.

1907 New York Yankees (Highlanders) team picture.
Dead Ball Era

One of the most significant moments of the 1907 season was the acquisition of Branch Rickey. This name would later become synonymous with breaking Major League Baseball’s color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson. Although Rickey’s impact as a player for the Highlanders in 1907 was modest, his later contributions as an executive would forever change the landscape of the sport.

The team’s performance on the field reflected the growing pains typical of a franchise trying to find its footing. Despite a less-than-stellar win-loss record, the Highlanders displayed flashes of brilliance and competitiveness. Their standing in fifth place, while disappointing, was indicative of the highly competitive nature of the American League during that era.

The 1907 New York Yankees season was also a reflection of the era’s baseball environment: lower-scoring games, a premium on strategic play, and the importance of strong pitching and defense. In this context, the Highlanders were a team working to build around these fundamentals, searching for the right mix of talent that could propel them to the top of the standings.

Branch Rickey’s arrival to New York in 1907 might not have made immediate waves in the standings, but his presence on the team was a precursor to his influential role in baseball history. Known for his keen eye for talent and innovative thinking, Rickey’s career as a player was just the beginning of his profound impact on the sport.

Looking back, the 1907 New York Yankees season was a chapter of groundwork laying and anticipation. It showcased a team in the throes of evolution, marked by introducing players who would leave a lasting legacy far beyond their on-field performance. While the season may not have ended with championship celebrations, it was a pivotal moment in the early history of a franchise that would go on to become one of the most storied teams in all of professional sports.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in regular season)

1907 New York Yankees roster

Rudy Baerwald26RR5′ 8″158Jan 1, 18811st1815-0.1
Neal Ball26RR5′ 7″145Apr 22, 18811st1615-0.6
Cy Barger22LR6′ 0″160May 18, 18852100.1
Walter Blair23RR6′ 0″185Oct 13, 18831st76-0.1
King Brockett26RR5′ 10″168Jul 23, 18801st115-1.1
Roy Castleton21RL5′ 11″167Jul 26, 18851st320.4
Hal Chase24RL6′ 0″175Feb 13, 188331251250.8
Jack Chesbro HOF33RR5′ 9″180Jun 5, 1874930255.1
Walter Clarkson28RR5′ 10″150Nov 3, 1878452-0.2
Wid Conroy30RR5′ 9″158Apr 5, 187771411380.8
Slow Joe Doyle25RR5′ 8″150Sep 15, 1881229233.2
Kid Elberfeld32RR5′ 7″158Apr 13, 187591201183.2
Clark Griffith HOF37RR5′ 6″156Nov 20, 18691650-1.1
Danny Hoffman27LL5′ 9″175Mar 2, 188051371351
Bill Hogg25RR6′ 0″200Sep 11, 1881326211.5
Tom Hughes23RR6′ 2″175Jan 28, 18842430.7
Bobby Keefe25RR5′ 11″155Jun 16, 18821st1931.5
Willie Keeler HOF35LL5′ 4″140Mar 3, 187216107107-1.8
Frank Kitson37LR5′ 11″165Sep 11, 1869101240.7
Red Kleinow29RR5′ 10″165Jul 20, 1877490851.4
Frank LaPorte27RR5′ 8″175Feb 6, 188031301241
William Louden23RR5′ 11″175Aug 27, 18831st43-0.2
Rube Manning24RR6′ 0″180Apr 29, 18831st110.2
Deacon McGuire43RR6′ 1″185Nov 18, 186323100
Earl Moore29RR6′ 0″195Jul 29, 18777129-1.2
George Moriarty21RR6′ 0″185Jul 7, 188541251170.6
John Neuer30LL5′ 8″Jun 8, 18771st761.1
Doc Newton29LL6′ 0″185Oct 26, 1877619151.5
Al Orth34LR6′ 0″200Sep 5, 18721346341.7
Branch Rickey HOF25LR5′ 9″175Dec 20, 188135234-1
Ira Thomas26RR6′ 2″200Jan 22, 1881280530.5
Ray Tift23L5′ 10″155Jun 21, 18841st41-0.3
Jimmy Williams30RR5′ 9″175Dec 20, 187691401391.1

1907 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

February 28, 1907

  • Traded Joe Yeager to the St. Louis Browns and received Branch Rickey in return.

May 16, 1907

  • Traded Walter Clarkson and Frank Delahanty to the Cleveland Naps, acquiring Earl Moore.

May 30, 1907

  • Purchased Frank Kitson from the Washington Nationals.

June 7, 1907

  • Deacon McGuire was selected off waivers by the Boston Americans.

July 18, 1907

  • Purchased Rube Manning from Williamsport (Tri-State).

August 1907

  • Made several purchases, including Neal Ball from Montgomery (Southern Association), Rudy Baerwald from Butte (Northwestern), Joe Lake from Jersey City (Eastern), and John Neuer from Savannah (South Atlantic).
  • Sold Frank Kitson’s player rights to Kansas City (American Association) and Earl Moore’s player rights to Jersey City (Eastern).

August 4, 1907

  • Purchased William Louden from Dallas (Texas) for $1,500.

August 5, 1907

  • Signed Ray Tift as a free agent.

August 18, 1907

  • Purchased Walter Blair from Williamsport (Tri-State) for $1,000.

October 13, 1907

  • Participated in a 3-team trade, sending Frank LaPorte to the Boston Americans and receiving Jake Stahl from the Chicago White Sox. Additionally, the Boston Americans sent Freddy Parent to the Chicago White Sox.

1907 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Neal Ball – 09-11-1907 – 26 years old
  • Rudy Bell – 09-14-1907 – 26 years old
  • Walter Blair – 09-17-1907 – 23 years old
  • Lew Brockett – 04-13-1907 – 26 years old
  • Roy Castleton – 04-16-1907 – 21 years old
  • Bobby Keefe – 04-15-1907 – 24 years old
  • Baldy Louden – 09-13-1907 – 24 years old
  • Rube Manning – 09-25-1907 – 24 years old
  • Tacks Neuer – 08-28-1907 – 30 years old
  • Ray Tift – 08-07-1907 – 23 years old

1907 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CRed Kleinow2990303269307164026524250.264
1BHal Chase24125530498721432332683219390.287
2BJimmy Williams301395565045313617112631435500.27
SSKid Elberfeld3212050544761121176051223670.271
3BGeorge Moriarty21126482437511211650432825380.277
OFWid Conroy301405725305812412113514130450.234
OFWillie Keeler3510747042350995201771590.234
OFDanny Hoffman271365835178113110354630421030.253
UTFrank LaPorte271305114705612720110481027350.27
CIra Thomas2680226208204054124510240.192
OFBranch Rickey2552153137162513015411250.182
OFRudy Baerwald2617605241121034370.212
MINeal Ball2615574459110411110.205
CWalter Blair23724221400010250.182
3BWilliam Louden2341294100001230.111
CDeacon McGuire431110000000010
PAl Orth34441131051134601131460.324
PJack Chesbro33307676115220400200.197
PSlow Joe Doyle2529695858200206120.138
PBill Hogg25266860511101403190.183
PDoc Newton2919483754000016140.108
PFrank Kitson371227254710040030.28
PKing Brockett261026225400020140.182
PEarl Moore291222220620030070.273
PJohn Neuer30722214200010150.095
PBobby Keefe251922192110030160.053
PTom Hughes234970100000020.143
PWalter Clarkson285771200010030.286
PRay Tift234650000000010
PRoy Castleton213550000000010
PClark Griffith375320000000000
PRube Manning241330000000020
PCy Barger221220000000010
Team Totals28.215255735044605125815067154972063045330.249
Rank in 8 AL teams7246332824
Non-Pitcher Totals28.115250454568562116313565134602042824270.255
Pitcher Totals29.515252847643951522372221060.2

1907 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPAl Orth3414210.42.61363332120248.224413472
SPJack Chesbro3310100.52.533025317102061928358
SPSlow Joe Doyle2511110.52.65292351511193.21698657
SPBill Hogg251080.5563.08252121300166.21738457
SPDoc Newton297100.4123.181915410001331326647
RPFrank Kitson374013.1124830061753121
RPBobby Keefe25350.3752.51931400357.2601816
Earl Moore29260.253.94129330164724928
John Neuer30420.6672.1776163054402113
King Brockett26120.3336.2284410046.1583632
Tom Hughes232012.674312002716108
Ray Tift23004.7441300019331410
Walter Clarkson28110.56.2352200117.1191212
Roy Castleton21110.52.81321100161165
Rube Manning2401031101009833
Clark Griffith37008.644040008.115168
Cy Barger2200310100061022
Team Totals29.370780.4733.031521525993761333.21327671449
Rank in 8 AL teams5478848777

1907 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Americans (21)1280.600
Chicago White Sox (22)10120.455
Cleveland Naps (22)7150.318
Detroit Tigers (21)8130.381
Philadelphia Athletics (20)1090.526
St. Louis Browns (23)8140.364
Washington Senators (23)1570.682

1907 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (14)850.615
May (22)11110.500
June (22)8140.364
July (31)15160.484
August (29)12160.429
September (29)12160.429
October (5)401.000

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