Young Yankees arms tap Trevino’s brain to power growth beyond spring camp

Yankees young arm Clayton Beeter is pitching against the Red Sox in Fort Myers, Fl.

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While Gerrit Cole‘s lone Grapefruit League start on March 1st held competitive significance, the Yankees dugout also served as a valuable learning experience for some of the team’s future pitching stars.

Despite recovering from a calf strain at the time, catcher Jose Trevino wasn’t sidelined from sharing his knowledge. Perched on the dugout railing, the Yankees backstop found himself surrounded by three of the Yankees’ most promising pitching prospects: Will Warren, Clayton Beeter, and Chase Hampton.

Trevino, a seasoned Yankees veteran with two seasons of catching Cole under his belt, seized this opportunity to mentor the young trio. He provided them with a unique inside perspective, detailing Cole’s pre-game routine and dissecting various in-game scenarios that arose during the reigning Cy Young winner‘s outing.

Their established trust and mutual respect allowed Trevino to share his observations on hitters’ swings and techniques. The dynamic wasn’t solely one-sided. the Yankees catcher actively sought the young pitchers’ input, engaging them in discussions about pitch selection for specific batting counts.

This interactive learning environment resonated with Yankees rookie Warren, who spoke on behalf of the group. He expressed their collective excitement about potentially contributing to the team’s success in the future and how having a seasoned veteran like Trevino, a Platinum Glove award winner, in their midst was invaluable for them. Warren highlighted the benefits of gleaning from Trevino’s extensive experience and insights, emphasizing how these sessions improved their understanding of the game and ultimately made them valuable assets for the Yankees.

“We’re all planning on being here at the end of all this, so having a guy like Trevy — he’s a Platinum Glove catcher — so having him, picking his brain and him giving us information, he’s been around for a long time,” he said. “Just any way to get more knowledgeable about the game is always a good thing.”

Trevino let him mentor Yankees’ young guns


This spring, Jose Trevino has emerged as a pivotal figure beyond his role as the catcher for the New York Yankees. He has actively fostered connections with the team’s young pitching prospects, aiming to accelerate their development and prepare them for a potential call-up to the major leagues – a scenario that might unfold sooner than expected due to Gerrit Cole’s injury.

Trevino recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with the young arms. Having a seasoned veteran like himself present during Spring Training offers them invaluable mentorship. He emphasizes the benefits of understanding their pitching routines, personal preferences, and developing rapport – all crucial factors for a smooth transition to the highest level.

Early in camp, Trevino took the initiative to have individual meetings with each young pitcher. He came prepared, armed with a notebook filled with information gleaned from past games and scouting reports. The focus of these sessions was to gain a deeper understanding of each pitcher’s unique style and repertoire.

Yankees pitching prospect Will Warren

One example of Trevino’s impact comes from prospect Chase Hampton. Before Hampton’s first Spring Training game, Trevino approached him, acknowledging his strengths and offering specific advice on areas for improvement. Trevino’s guidance, particularly regarding the use of his curveball against right-handed hitters, became a focus for Hampton throughout Spring Training. This could position the 22-year-old right-hander for a potential starting role at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre when the season commences.

With Cole sidelined, the pressure is on for young pitchers like Warren, Beeter, and Hampton to step up. Trevino’s dedication to fostering their development could prove invaluable in shaping them into future stars for the Yankees.

For Clayton Beeter, one of the key takeaways from his sessions with Trevino is the importance of unwavering self-belief in his pitching arsenal.

Yankees prospect Clayton Beeter is pitching for the Somerset Patriots
cbeet15/ instagram

While Trevino set the stage for their initial meeting this spring, Beeter, the 25-year-old right-hander, has actively sought to extend their mentorship beyond that initial session. He frequently revisits the insights gleaned from their discussions.

Beeter expressed deep appreciation for Trevino’s guidance. He described how they would analyze his performances together, or even watch games side-by-side. Beeter wouldn’t hesitate to seek clarification or discuss strategies during those moments. He particularly valued Trevino’s unwavering support and his willingness to engage in open and meaningful conversations.

Most importantly, Beeter highlighted the positive impact of Trevino’s belief in his abilities. This, according to the young Yankees arm, has significantly bolstered his confidence and morale, proving to be a crucial factor in his development.

Trevino’s influence extends beyond the field

Jose Trevino as a Yankees' catcher

While a calf strain sidelined Jose Trevino early in Spring Training, his impact on the New York Yankees’ pitching staff was undeniable, even before his return to games. His interactions transcended immediate roster needs, forging connections with both veteran and young pitchers alike.

The Yankees have consistently valued Trevino’s contributions beyond his defensive skills. His ability to build strong relationships with pitchers between starts has long been recognized as a valuable asset. This spring, the focus has been on the positive impact Trevino has had on the team’s younger arms.

Pitching Coach Matt Blake enthusiastically endorsed Trevino’s leadership role, highlighting his positive influence on both catchers and pitchers. Blake particularly emphasized Trevino’s awareness of the challenges rookies face during their transition to the major leagues. He lauded Trevino’s support as invaluable in helping young players navigate this demanding period.

“It’s been huge,” he said. “He takes such a strong leadership role amongst both the players on his side, the catching side, and the pitching side. His ability to make them at ease that he’ll help them through the process is huge.”

Creating a comfortable environment where players feel empowered to showcase their abilities without hesitation was another point underscored by Blake. In this regard, Trevino excels at instilling confidence and providing reassurance, ensuring every player feels supported throughout their development journey.

Chase Hampton, a prospect of the new york yankees

While Chase Hampton’s Spring Training journey ended with a reassignment to minor league camp, both Will Warren and Clayton Beeter remain in contention for the coveted fifth starter spot. Both young pitchers have significantly benefited from Trevino’s experience and guidance throughout the spring.

Trevino himself exudes optimism about the younger players on the team. He clearly enjoys witnessing their growth and development, emphasizing the importance of film study and actively participating in their bullpen sessions. This deeper engagement allows him to gain a comprehensive understanding of their skills and styles. Trevino’s confidence in these players is evident, suggesting a promising future for them within the Yankees organization.

“They have so much knowledge, those young guys, so much information and learning from them, what they like and what they like to do,” he told. “Most importantly, getting to know them as a person and build that relationship. I think they’re going to do great things.”

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