Yankees’ twist: Bader missing in lineup and claim possibilities

Harrison Bader

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In a surprising movement, Harrison Bader found himself absent from the Yankees lineup —a first since the waiver news broke. As speculation about his potential exit grew stronger, the MLB community was left in anticipation. Known for his strong defensive skills but a mystery when it comes to batting, Bader now stands at a pivotal point in his career, considering the possibility of joining a different team. The pressing query on everyone’s mind is: Which team will Bader call his home in the upcoming season? However, this question was swiftly answered when the Cincinnati Reds revealed the addition of Bader to their roster mere hours later.

Bader’s absence and the waiver buzz

Harrison Bader
Getty Images / NY POST

Thursday’s game against Detroit sees Bader’s notable absence from the lineup, Isiah Kiner-Falefa now takes on the role of center fielder for the Yanks, raising questions about Bader’s departure.

According to the NY Post, teams have until the deadline to claim Bader, a move that would entail taking on the remainder of his owed salary for the season. While it’s unlikely that no team will express interest, the possibility of Bader staying with the Yankees remains. As the claim deadline looms, Bader’s fate is up in the air.

Bader’s Performance at the plate

Yankees player Harrison Bader holding a bat at Yankees Stadium
Julio Aguilar

Delving into Bader’s performance, his offensive struggles have been evident throughout his career. His exit velocity and hard-hit rates for 2023 are at a low point, resulting in a subpar slugging percentage. With a mere 75 wRC+, his offensive contributions fall short. Despite sporadic moments of brilliance, Bader’s consistency remains a concern.

However, Bader’s defensive capabilities in center field have remained his standout attribute. While his offensive performance wavers, his elite defensive skills remain constant. This quality ensures that he remains a reliable player even when his offensive game is lacking.

Considering Bader’s mixed track record and recent struggles, his future becomes uncertain. Placed on waivers and facing impending free agency, Bader’s trajectory is at a crossroads. The outfielder’s potential is overshadowed by his offensive inconsistencies, making his future with the Yankees uncertain.

Team prospects for Bader

Harrison Bader in action against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium, on July 4th, 2023.
New York Yankees

As Harrison Bader’s tenure with the Yankees hangs in the balance, his offensive struggles and defensive strengths shape his future in the MLB. Placed on waivers amid trade talks, Bader’s journey takes an uncertain turn as he navigates the possibility of joining a new team. While his defensive prowess remains undeniable, his inconsistent offensive performance raises questions about his future in MLB. 

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  1. Leave Bader the hell alone!! This is not his fault…sort of like blaming the hose if the gardener doesnt water the plants! Unless you get Miguel Cabrera, remember the words of my wise late mother….”the fish always begins to stink from the head”

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