Harrison Bader’s epic reaction after waivers stirs fans

Harrison Bader during an interview after the game 2 between New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers.

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The New York Yankees clinched the second consecutive victory against Tigers at Comerica Park on Tuesday night. Following the game, Harrison Bader was queried about his initial response upon learning of his waiver during the offseason. Harrison Bader’s candid reaction was a simple question: “What are waivers?”

Harrison Bader recounted how he stumbled upon the news just like anyone else – while in the lunchroom, he caught the update on ESPN. When asked about his immediate thoughts, he expressed his confusion with the term “waivers,” indicating he was left uninformed about the proceedings.

Harrison Bader gives wine to Yankees teammates after big moment.

Irrespective of the events that transpired or could have transpired, Harrison Bader emphasized the privilege of donning the Yankees‘ uniform. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate and blessed,” he said, reflecting on his unexpected journey from being a New York City kid to making it to the big leagues. Despite acknowledging the business aspect of the sport and recognizing his experience, he reaffirmed his passion for the game and the joy he finds in playing baseball.

“Regardless of what happened or may have happened, you know, getting the opportunity to play with this uniform — and I still hopefully do have the opportunity to do it — everything that’s happened has been absolutely blessed, absolutely gifted. I’m a New York City kid, and I never thought in a million years I would be here in the big leagues. I understand it’s a business, and I’m a long way from being a pup. Listen, it’s all about the ball, and I love playing baseball. Being here has been a blessing so far, so I have to figure out what’s going to happen.”

Harrison Bader, player of the New York Yankees.
NY Post

Addressing his uncertain future with the Yankees, Harrison Bader vowed to continue giving his best effort, even if it means leaving New York. He also acknowledged the significance of taking moments to reflect, likening it to putting one’s helmet down – a way to recharge and refocus. As Harrison Bader faces the ambiguity ahead, his determination to contribute at his utmost remains unwavering.

Fans reacted by calling the Yankees’ organization a “joke”

Harrison Bader, player of the New York Yankees during an MLB game.

After the game, the account “Jonny’s Lasagna” shared the video, saying, “Bro, I saw that he was placed on waivers in the launch room while watching TV and didn’t even know what it meant. The Yankees are beyond incompetent.”

In addition to this, many fans commented on his Twitter/X post, stating that the Yankees have treated him like garbage, while others expressed sadness for him.

However, a Yankees fan named John went even further and referred to the Yankees organization as a joke, aiming to express how poorly the management, led by Brian Cashman as the general manager, has performed.

At this juncture, the departure of Harrison Bader from the Yankees is still a matter of anticipation, with specifics regarding timing and the destination yet to crystallize. Presently, he is set to maintain his role within the ranks of the Bronx Bombers, at least until the end of the ongoing season.

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2 thoughts on “Harrison Bader’s epic reaction after waivers stirs fans

  1. I don’t like how this happened with Bader. The professional thing would’ve been Boone/Cashman telling him that he was put on waivers so that if claimed he can help a team in playoff contention.

  2. Under “The Boss” Bader would have been called by Steinbrenner himself and told of being placed on waivers. Also, under “The Boss” there would have been more instructional coaching and less “analytics” to help the players overcome on-field problems. Hal needs to resurrect his fathers stones and start managing this team the way it should be.

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