Yankees throwing in the towel to save some money

The New York Yankees at Angel Stadium
Inna Zeyger
Tuesday July 25, 2023

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The New York Yankees are reportedly considering a cautious approach regarding financial factors as MLB’s August 1 trade deadline approaches. However, this may result in the team giving up talents and yet failing to rebuild the team.

The Yankees, currently occupying the last place in the AL East, are reportedly considering a strategy focused on staying below the highest luxury tax threshold during the trade deadline, according to sources familiar with the team’s plans, as mentioned in The Athletic’s report by Ken Rosenthal.

Why Yankees are warry of financial factors

As per Fangraphs, the Yankees find themselves slightly above the fourth and upper tier ($293 million) of the luxury tax threshold by $1.1 million. When a team exceeds each threshold, they are subject to a certain percentage of tax on the surplus amount.

Rosenthal mentioned that the Yankees are already virtually assured of having their first-round pick in 2024 pushed back 10 slots due to being $40 million over the first threshold. However, there remains a possibility for them to avoid the most severe financial penalties associated with exceeding the fourth threshold.

The New York Yankees are facing the consequences of their lavish spending, becoming a prime example of the perils that come with allocating money poorly in the 2023 Major League Baseball season. Despite investing a staggering $295 million, the season has been fraught with expensive disappointments. Quietly, the Yankees have struggled immensely, and their playoff odds have dwindled below 50%, a stark contrast to their promising 87% peak in April. Even as recently as July 4th, their odds stood at 75%, but a subsequent 4-6 stretch and two consecutive losses have cast a shadow of doubt over their prospects in the Bronx.

Remarkably, this prolonged spell of poor form signifies one of the Yankees’ worst seasons in decades, reflecting the magnitude of their struggles on the field.

The Yankees' manager Aaron Boone and their general manager, Brian Cashman.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post.

It may impact team building, erode the talent base

The Yankees might adopt a dual approach at the trade deadline, exploring both buying and selling possibilities. One potential move could involve letting go of a 2024 free agent like Luis Severino, who holds an average annual value of $15 million. Ken Rosenthal also mentions the potential of trading Gleyber Torres, who has two years remaining on his contract and an average annual value of $9.95 million for this season. This trade scenario could pave the way for Oswald Peraza, currently on a rookie minimum contract, to secure the second base position.

With a record of 53-47, the Yankees find themselves trailing by nine games in the AL East and 2 1/2 games behind the wild card spot.

In a unique perspective, SNY’s Andy Martino provided insight, stating that the team’s decision-makers are well aware of the possibility of reversing their course. He reported that there are serious discussions about potentially becoming sellers if the team fails to turn things around by the deadline.

According to speculations, the Yankees appear to be considering the addition of an outfielder, and catcher, and bolstering their pitching staff, both in relief and starting positions. While the Yankees’ exact moves remain uncertain, fans are on tenterhooks fearing a talent drain from the organization.

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11 thoughts on “Yankees throwing in the towel to save some money

  1. Do they not like Gleyber Torres. He is one of the best hitters on this team this year. Think it will be asinine if they treat him.

  2. For crying Brian, do your job and figure it out. You have a plethora of players “that should’ve performed” what brought them here and didn’t. There are players that need to go just as there are those out there for the same price. Focus Cashman, there is opportunity in adversity too. Just don’t mess it up (HICKS!).

      1. I don’t think it has anything to do with NY. He sucked before he came to NY as well. He had ONE good season and Cashman patted himself on the back for being a genius and signed Hicks to an awful contract he didn’t deserve.

      2. Cashman has handcuffed the Yankees for the next two seasons with D.J. and Rizzo. You had Judge, so, Stanton was his worst signing. You did not need Stanton. I was against signing Judge to a long term contract. I told everyone… sign Judge to 5 years at 42 million. Take it or leave it! Since Judge plays irresponsible rt field, he will keep getting hurt and will be dead wood by 35 years old. He will be worse than Stanton. Team will stink till 2027, when you will no longer have the dead wood of D.J. and Rizzo. So, in 2027 Judge will be 35 … and hitting 60 pts below average. Stanton and Judge will both need to be DH. Donaldson another disaster who helped destroy the 2023 season. Because of Stanton, Yanks cannot afford Torres. Hicks 7 years was another disaster. Why sign D. J. to a high priced ( 4 yr.) contract when he never proved he had returned to form? Judge’s reckless play in the outfield precluded anything more than 4 or 5 years… Judge will be a disaster at 36,37, 38 and 39. The broken ribs and the bellyflop into rd in the 7th inning up 5-0. The crash in Dodger stadium…one extra out and 2 runs scored, was surely worth 42 games and career jeopardizing injury… his career ruined by a lack of common sense. Yankees will be stuck with- dead wood – DH only contract for Judge’s last 4 yrs….

  3. Boone has lost control of the clubhouse. Players do not run out ground balls, his managerial tactics are flawed. We need a GM who knows talent (Jeter) and we need a manager who will make the players hustle (Mattingly)

  4. It’s amazing how trade talk comes down to trading Torres. He’s the only one hitting consistently.


  6. Sell team to someone that wants a championship team. Steinbrenner. Cashman and Boone would be gone.

    My husband has been saying this for months.

  7. This yankee team doesn’t compare to the Jeter teams at any position except right field second base and first before his swoon.There is one all star, but no one except Torres is even close.Stanton is dead wood. He’s hurt too often and he takes forever to get back his timing

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