Alex Rodriguez invites ‘trouble’ with his on-air comment


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Throughout his career, Alex Rodriguez has found himself entangled in numerous controversies. His most recent incident unfolded during the “KayRod Sunday Night Baseball” broadcast. While discussing with Michael Kay for the Mets-Red Sox game last Sunday, he opted for a rather unconventional analogy to describe a swing leading to another controversy.

Alex Rodriguez used an unusual analogy used a perplexing analogy while attempting to explain a technique for hitting a baseball.

“Posture up and [swing] right down, you cannot get in trouble, it’s like you’re punching a little person. With your right hand, it’s going boom, right there. With that knee down, and now you’re on top of the baseball,” Alex Rodriguez said.

He emphasized the significance of maintaining proper posture and being on top of the baseball with the knee down.

During the broadcast, Alex Rodriguez appeared to be aware that his analogy of “punching a little person” might be controversial, but he continued with his explanation, using a somewhat complicated analogy to describe the technique for hitting a baseball.

Alex Rodriguez acknowledged that he might get in trouble for using the unconventional analogy of “punching a little person.” This choice of words seemed curious and unnecessary to some, as a milder and more appropriate alternative could have been used, such as “punching someone in the stomach.” As a result, many viewers were not pleased with his choice of words.

A-Rod a child of controversy

In a recent revelation during the MLB All-Star Game, Hall-of-Famer Cal Ripken Jr. disclosed that Alex Rodriguez had annoyed him back in the 2001 Midseason Classic. At the time, the 25-year-old Rodriguez had requested Ripken to switch back to shortstop, thinking it would be a respectful gesture.

The Kay-Rod broadcast, introduced in 2022, brings together insights from Alex Rodriguez’s playing career and Kay’s extensive experience as a broadcaster.

Kay expressed his desire in March to invite provocative guests to stir up Alex Rodriguez during their broadcasts, as reported by The Post.

“I like mischief,” Kay said.

Kay shared in an indirect speech that having guests who could provoke Alex Rodriguez would be ideal, mentioning that having Derek Jeter on the show last year created significant anticipation. However, he refrained from naming specific individuals.

Kay expressed in the indirect speech that it would be enjoyable to have guests from Alex Rodriguez’s past, potentially including individuals he had dated, but he refrained from mentioning any names specifically.

Twitter- @AROD

Fans slam Alex Rodriguez

The ex-New York Yankees third baseman and three-time MVP had already faced criticism for his casual remark on Sunday night.

One fan expressed their dissatisfaction with yet another unfortunate blunder from Alex Rodriguez, describing his attempt to be creative and descriptive as awful. They criticized his tendency to make others uncomfortable with his overly rehearsed and pre-scripted lines, seemingly thinking he was trying too hard to appear articulate and cool.

This is not the first occasion this month where Alex Rodriguez has garnered attention due to a TV appearance.

Alex Rodriguez’s latest blunder on the Kay-Rod broadcast didn’t sit well with fans, and they quickly expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter. Even former players have criticized him for this mistake. While discussing the controversial analogy, A-Rod acknowledged that he might get into trouble but continued with his statement anyway. This has raised questions about why he chose to use such language in the first place.

As of now, there has been no official response regarding any disciplinary action, but ESPN will likely have to address the situation in the near future.

Alex Rodriguez and Kay introduced the “KayRod Cast” in 2022, inspired by the success of the “Manningcast” during “Monday Night Football.” Before that, Rodriguez was part of the “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcast team. However, due to his involvement in an ownership role with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the schedule became too demanding, leading to the creation of the alternative broadcast.

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  1. Much ado about nothing. Who would want to listen to Kay and A-Rod anyway? They wouldn’t be in my top-10 of people to watch or listen to on any given night.

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