Yankees stun fans with Bader and Donaldson moves: Reactions pour in

Harrison Bader and Josh Donaldson in action for the Yankees

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It was a bustling day for the New York Yankees, the foremost club in the baseball world, known for having the second-highest payroll in the league. In addition to this, the Pinstripes made the decision to part ways with Josh Donaldson and place Harrison Bader on waivers as a free agent at the end of the season. The recent developments involving Donaldson and Bader have sent shockwaves through the Yankees community, prompting a flurry of discussions and reactions among fans. In an unexpected move, the New York Yankees announced the release of the veteran third baseman, Josh Donaldson. This choice followed a prolonged period of disappointment marked by Donaldson’s lackluster performance at the plate and his struggles with injuries.

What led to Donaldson’s departure?

Josh Donaldson holding a bat.

Obtained from the Minnesota Twins in a high-profile trade in March of 2022, Donaldson’s time with the Yankees fell short of expectations. His batting average of .207 and a slugging percentage of .385 over 165 games spanning two seasons indicated a significant decline in offensive output. While he maintained his solid fielding abilities at third base, his inconsistency in contributing with the bat overshadowed his defensive prowess. The ongoing season witnessed his batting average plummet to a mere .142, further amplifying the frustration of fans who had anticipated a more impactful presence in the lineup.

The disappointment was further compounded by the financial aspect of Donaldson’s contract. The Yankees inherited a substantial four-year, $92 million deal from Minnesota. With Donaldson’s release, the team is now responsible for the remaining balance of his $21.75 million contract for 2023. Moreover, the contract includes a buyout clause for a team option in 2024, adding to the complexity of the financial situation.

What transpired with Bader?

Harrison Bader gives wine to Yankees teammates after big moment.

Simultaneously, the Yankees made another attention-grabbing move by placing center fielder Harrison Bader on waivers. Bader, acquired by the Yankees in a trade during the 2022 deadline, encountered challenges in finding consistency at the plate.

Despite his reputation as a dependable outfield defender, his offensive contributions were subpar, evident in his 54 wRC+ since July 4, ranking among the lowest in MLB for qualified hitters.

Fans claim to promote youths from Triple-A

The Yankees Tripe-A prospect, Austin Wells.

The decision to waive Bader signaled a shift in the Yankees’ strategy, aligning with a youth movement. Faced with a challenging season and dwindling playoff prospects, the team sought to create opportunities for emerging prospects. Bader’s departure paved the way for the elevation of promising young talents, such as catcher Austin Wells and outfielder Jasson Domínguez. Fans are now abuzz with anticipation about the potential impact of these rising stars on the team’s future.

Due to the Yankees’ struggles throughout the season, fans of the team were enthusiastic about the prospect of retaining both players and promoting the young prospects. The Yankees had already taken a similar step the previous week when they called up two of their top Triple-A prospects, Oswald Peraza and Everson Pereira.

All in all, Yankees fans find themselves in a state of contemplation and speculation. The letdown of Donaldson’s release and Bader’s challenges is met with cautious hope for the introduction of fresh talent into the lineup. As the team navigates this transitional phase, fans are left pondering the broader implications of these roster changes and how they might shape the trajectory of the Yankees moving forward.

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8 thoughts on “Yankees stun fans with Bader and Donaldson moves: Reactions pour in

  1. Both Donaldson and Bader have underperformed comparable to their salaries and lack of availability due to injuries. The Yanks have simply chosen to cut their losses. As far as placing veterans on waivers prior to September 1st that has been done for years.

    It is just that now the names have been released to the public. I applaud 👏 their decisions to make these moves now. Long overdue. Maybe Stanton should be looking over his shoulder too? Just a question or thought. Let the Yankee youth movement begin again. Remember the days of Bernie, Mariano, Jeter, Pettite, etc.. what have the Yanks got to lose?

    1. This season has been full of disappointments and down right to it feel like this organization is being run like a bunch of clowns! I do like what you said about youthful look in the future but you mentioned four players from our pass but keep in mind different organization back then and two those guys where pitchers! Just saying you left out Posada!

  2. Seriously? Who could argue with any veteran cuts or youth promotions. This season is an unmitigated disaster and heads need to roll. I’m ok with aging vets but with such bloated contracts it’s not tenable. Where is the owner in all this? It seems he’s ok with mediocrity. His father would fire him, the GM and manager in one fell swoop. Number one has to be cashman. He obviously doesn’t have a clue. I don’t bl e. Kobe as much but his managerial gaffes are telling. He’s overmatched as a manager. He was a better broadcaster and he was very good at that.

  3. I said to promote these young guys weeks ago. Under performing veterans get sent down to AAA and relearn the game!

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