Chocolate milk and heights: Aaron Judge’s playful secret revealed

Aaron Judge, the captain of the New York Yankees.
Amanda Paula
Tuesday August 29, 2023

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Despite the New York Yankees‘ challenging 2023 season, their roster remains adorned with impressive star power. Amidst the team’s overall struggles, a cadre of standout players continues to deliver exceptional performances both on and off the field. Renowned as the 2022 Home Run King, Aaron Judge gained widespread attention in the previous season for his historic hitting spree, solidifying his stature as an iconic figure within the Yankees’ realm.

The slugger’s unyielding commitment to excellence remains palpable as he continues to captivate the realm of baseball. Complementing his accolades, a lucrative sponsorship pact with the Jordan brand has recently materialized, further underscoring his elevation as the reigning AL MVP.

Yankees' star Aaron Judge shines bright in the game 2 against the Baltimore Orioles, on Saturday night - July 29, 2023.
New York Yankees

Aaron Judge’s prominence transcends his exceptional baseball skills; his towering height at 6’7″ sets him apart, positioning him as one of the sport’s tallest athletes. This imposing stature poses a distinctive challenge for opposing pitchers due to the expansive arc of his swing. Aspiring young players across the nation are likely to emulate his winning approach, recognizing the pivotal role his height plays in his triumphs.

In a promotional video crafted in collaboration with the Jordan brand to announce their partnership, Judge playfully shed light on the enigma behind his towering stature. The revelation, it seems, strays from conventional assumptions.

Making waves across multiple platforms

Aaron Judge wearing a Jordan Brand shirt

In a moment brimming with levity during the interview, Judge divulged that he wasn’t always the epitome of a model child. With a touch of humor, he shared, “My mom wasn’t particularly thrilled about my growth during my childhood. The fridge was a perpetual open door – stocked with veggies and chocolate milk, you know.” Concluding with a wink directed at the camera, Judge added, “For all the young aspiring athletes aiming for 6’7″ or 6’8″, remember, chocolate milk holds the secret.”

Beyond a mere collaboration, Aaron Judge’s recent partnership with the Jordan brand bears profound significance. It stands as a testament to Judge’s widespread acclaim and personal brand resonance across the nation. The decision of the Jordan brand to select Judge over the three-time All-Star Shohei Ohtani for their latest endorsement pact could potentially foreshadow a positive turnaround for the beleaguered Yankees franchise.

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