Yankees’ Luis Gil rejects ‘star’ label despite success: ‘That’s a heavy word’

Luis Gil playing in the middle of a Yankees' MLB game in 2024
San Diego Tribune
Amanda Paula
Saturday June 15, 2024

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Back in February, it would have been hard to predict that Luis Gil would go on to become the New York Yankees’ top pitcher after 70 games into the 2024 season. As at the time of writing, that is simply the case as it stands.

Luis Gil is in stellar form at the moment and the 26-year-old boasts an impressive 9-1 record, a stellar 2.03 ERA. His 96 strikeouts over 14 starts is also very impressive, while his .142 batting average against (BAA) is the lowest in baseball, a good margin ahead of the next best at .178.

Despite his current form, Luis Gil denies having any form of ‘star status’ with Yankees.

Luis Gil denies star label with Yankees

Luis Gil playing in the middle of a Yankees' MLB game in 2024

Playing a key role as the Yankees’ key man in the absence of Gerrit Cole’s absence, Luis Gil is now easily one of the pitchers in the league. This quick growth in status has seen him become an overnight fan favorite in New York. However, Gil remains humble, hesitating to label himself a “star.”

On Saturday, Luis Gil granted an interview with the New York Post’s Steve Serby, expressing his modesty regarding his newfound fame.

“When you say a star, man, that’s a heavy word. We have names that are really, really, really talented. I don’t consider myself a star. I just try to do my job here and try to help this team as much as I can,” he was quick to say.

Luis Gil shines under Cole’s mentorship

Luis Gil playing in the middle of a Yankees' MLB game in 2024
San Diego Tribune

Luis Gil did admit that it was impossible not to get public recognition and stardom while playing for a team like the Yankees.

“At the same time, you’re playing for the Yankees, world known. So it’s inevitable, you walk around and people will recognize you from time to time because of how many fans the team has,” he added.

A significant part of Luis Gil’s success can be attributed to the guidance of the injured ace and reigning AL Cy Young Award winner, Gerrit Cole. “Having Gerrit Cole around to be able to transfer some of his knowledge and give me some pointers that I can put to use I think has also been very beneficial to me,” Gil said.

When asked about other pitchers he admires, Luis Gil didn’t hesitate to mention Gerrit Cole. “I got to say Gerrit Cole. I’m lucky enough to have him around and to see him closely and also learn from him,” he added.

As Yankees’ supporters continue to wait for Gerrit Cole’s return from the sidelines, Luis Gil’s performances in the former’s absence has been something of a positive light for the team. His hardwork and the combined mentorship from Cole has seen him become a more-rounded player. As the season progresses, many will be eager to see if Gil can maintain the current standards he has set and also maintain that momentum to help the Yankees.

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