Yankees’ Judge faces light-hearted fan trolling over night at Knicks game

Aaron Judge and wife Samantha Bracksieck attended the Knicks' season opener on Oct. 25, 2023. 4 Aaron Judge and wife Samantha Bracksieck attended the Knicks’ season opener on Oct. 25, 2023.
Amanda Paula
Thursday October 26, 2023

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Aaron Judge, the esteemed star of the New York Yankees, recently found himself on the receiving end of trolling from MLB fans. This humorous turn of events took place as Judge attended the New York Knicks’ NBA season opener at Madison Square Garden, where they faced off against the Boston Celtics, ultimately losing 108-104 with Jayson Tatum putting on a stellar performance.

Fans trolls about Judge after Knicks game date

Aaron Judge and wife Samantha Bracksieck attended the Knicks' season opener on Oct. 25, 2023. 4 Aaron Judge and wife Samantha Bracksieck attended the Knicks’ season opener on Oct. 25, 2023.

The New York Yankees, led by Judge, had a disappointing run in the previous regular season, concluding with a less-than-impressive record of 82-80. The lackluster performance left fans and critics alike pondering the future of the franchise. To make matters more intriguing, Aaron Judge decided to spend an evening away from the baseball field and instead chose to watch the Knicks’ game, a decision that prompted fans to engage in a bit of light-hearted trolling.

Taking to social media platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter), baseball enthusiasts seized the opportunity to poke fun at Judge. One fan cleverly quipped, “More appearances than he made for the Yankees.” This witty remark humorously alluded to the fact that Judge’s presence at Madison Square Garden for the basketball game seemingly surpassed his time spent playing for the Yankees in the previous season.

Another fan chimed in, commenting, “Should be playing baseball rn,” implying that Judge’s focus should remain on the baseball diamond rather than attending other sporting events. These comments reflected the sentiments of fans who might have hoped to see Judge on the baseball field, leading the Yankees to victory.

A series of additional fan reactions followed, showcasing the creative and humorous side of MLB enthusiasts. Some even ventured to compare Aaron Judge to another Yankees legend, Derek Jeter, who was known for his role as team captain.

In the midst of these off-season shenanigans, rumors began to circulate that the New York Yankees were engaged in talks with the San Diego Padres regarding All-Star outfielder Juan Soto. This potential trade created quite a buzz among baseball aficionados. If the deal were to materialize, it could mean that the Yankees would acquire another MVP-caliber player to complement Aaron Judge’s prowess on the field.

Aaron Judge and wife Samantha enjoy star-studded date night at Knicks season opener

That evening, Aaron Judge and his adored wife, Samantha Bracksieck, made a memorable appearance at the highly awaited New York Knicks’ season opener. This dynamic pair, renowned for their athletic prowess and impeccable style, added a touch of star power to the event, creating a courtside spectacle that seamlessly fused sports and entertainment.

Decked out in a sleek black jacket, matching shirt, and dark jeans, the towering Judge radiated charisma as he sat beside his stunning wife, Samantha, who complemented his style with a black top and light-wash jeans. Their beaming smiles illuminated the night, creating an enchanting contrast to the excitement unfolding on the basketball court.

The couple found themselves in esteemed company, sharing their courtside haven with renowned actor Michael J. Fox and his wife, Tracy Pollan, along with the iconic rapper Fat Joe. Together, they created a buzz of celebrity allure, adding to the electric atmosphere of the season’s inaugural game.

Despite the Knicks succumbing to the Boston Celtics with a score of 108-104, Judge and Bracksieck remained undeterred, sharing a tender moment as they cozied up to one another. Their presence alone seemed to offer the Knicks an extra boost of support, although the outcome did not align with their hopes.

While the baseball season may have come to a close, Judge, who is widely regarded as one of the Yankees’ cornerstone players, is already looking ahead to the 2024 season with unwavering determination. The Bombers faced a disappointingly early exit from the playoffs in the past year, and Judge is committed to making sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

In a candid conversation with The Post’s Jenna Lemoncelli, Judge acknowledged the importance of this offseason: “It’s definitely been a busy offseason. I think a lot of it is about taking care of a couple steps. There are a lot of steps I gotta take, and I think just having those conversations and getting everything rolling with this extra month we get off in October — I’m looking forward to it.”

The meticulous planning and tireless dedication that Judge is known for are evident as he allocates “99 percent” of his offseason to intensive preparations for the upcoming season. However, he also emphasizes the significance of taking a well-deserved break: “Spending some family time and just kinda resetting so my body and mind are ready for the next season. I’m not doing too much… A short vacation, a short one.”

As a player deeply invested in the team’s progress, Judge participated in internal discussions and is optimistic about the Yankees’ prospects for the upcoming season: “I think it’s going to be a great season next year, and it’s going to be a great offseason for us. It’s tough not playing in October, but I think this time will help us get ready for the season.”

Despite the rigors of professional sports, Judge finds solace and joy in spending quality time with Samantha Bracksieck, whom he married in a splendid Hawaiian ceremony in 2021. This power couple, known for their on-point appearances and supportive companionship, will soon celebrate their second wedding anniversary in December.

What’s next for Aaron Judge?

The star of the new york yankees, aaron judge

Delving into Aaron Judge’s 2023 season, it becomes evident that he faced several challenges. On June 3, while playing at Dodger Stadium, he suffered a toe injury while running into the outfield fence. This setback forced him to sit out 42 games, during which the Yankees managed a somewhat lackluster 19-23 record.

Despite these challenges, Judge displayed his resilience and dedication by playing in 106 games during the season. He exhibited his power-hitting prowess with 37 home runs, contributed 75 RBIs, recorded 98 hits, and scored 79 runs. His impressive batting slash line featured a .267 batting average, a .406 on-base percentage, and a remarkable slugging percentage of .613, ultimately culminating in an outstanding OPS of 1.019.

It’s worth noting that Judge’s exceptional 2022 season earned him the AL MVP title, with statistics that included a .311 batting average, 177 hits, a remarkable 62 home runs, 131 RBIs, and 133 runs scored across 157 games. To add to his accolades, he secured a groundbreaking nine-year, $360 million contract with the New York Yankees before the season began, solidifying his position as a cornerstone of the franchise and earning him the title of team captain.

As the off-season approaches, Aaron Judge faces the challenging task of assisting in scouting and acquiring players who can make an immediate impact, potentially bringing an end to the New York Yankees’ World Series drought. The future looks intriguing for Judge and the Yankees, with the possibility of new acquisitions and a renewed sense of hope for the team’s success in the upcoming season.

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