Yankees injury fallout: Boone defends training staff, blames it on veterans

Aaron Judge and Harrison Bader were put on the IL for much of the Yankees 2023 season leaving them slumping.

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The largest share of blame for the New York Yankees’ 2023 debacle goes to injuries the team suffered. The Yankees’ clubhouse has resembled a crowded triage tent this season, with a staggering 28 players making moves to the injured list for a total of 37 stays. This matches last season’s parade of wounded warriors when 28 Yankees also required 33 trips to the IL. The year prior, an even more astounding 35 Bronx Bombers made 49 journeys to the Yankees’ increasingly populated IL.

Such a high number of injuries, which derailed the Yankees’ season, has led to clamors for a change of the training staff. Manager Aaron Boone mentioned the post-season review would include the training staff too. However, according to him, it is going to be as regular as other years.

But the Yankees manager admitted that elements like the increasing number of veteran players in the squad factor into the injuries as well. Boone underscored it’s an intricate tapestry of interwoven strands necessitating an extended dialogue in the organization to unravel completely.

Injuries raises questions on Yankees training staff

Phenom Jasson Dominguez, called up September 1st, immediately showcased his touted talents, mashing four home runs and driving in seven runs in his first eight major league games. However, tragedy struck just as the 20-year-old center fielder was heating up. Dominguez suffered a devastating UCL tear requiring Tommy John surgery, abruptly ending his season and sidelining him for the early months of next year.

Adding insult to injury, a peculiar plague of damaged arms landed eight Yankee hurlers on the injured list that same month. Questions swirled about how such an outbreak could occur.

How is it conceivable that Anthony Rizzo continued to play for several months with a concussion, and even participated in two additional games after he had informed the team about experiencing symptoms related to his condition?

Moreover, how could Anthony Rizzo continue playing for months with a concussion, participating in two extra games after informing the team of his symptoms?

This season the Yankees have marched 28 players to the infirmary for 37 injured list stints. This is compared to 28 players with 33 stints in 2022 and 35 in 49 trips in 2021.

x-Through Sept 26 games. z-60-game season due to COVID

Those are the stunning sums over the past three full campaigns following the New York Yankees‘ overhaul of their training department after the debacle of 2019. They appointed Eric Cressey director of player health, Tim Lentych head athletic trainer, Michael Schuk director of medicine and rehab, and Donovan Santas assistant director of health.

The shakeup aimed to treat the Yankees’ injury epidemic, which peaked at 30 players making 39 IL cameos in 2019. Even the shortened 2020 pandemic season saw the pinstriped plague persist. Owner Hal Steinbrenner and GM Brian Cashman had predicted it would take two years before progress emerged.

Will the Yankees act? Boone seems to be evasive

The harsh reality is crystal clear: matters grew even more dire. Now, after missing the playoffs for the first time since 2016, Steinbrenner will initiate a comprehensive organizational audit addressing these concerns.

Skipper Aaron Boone revealed the impending inquest would put the training staff under the microscope as well, with New York planning to fully vivisect the injury vortex victimizing the club once the curtain closes on this ill-fated season marred by myriad maladies.

When asked about his thoughts on whether the training personnel plays a role in the club’s injury scourge or if sheer misfortune accounts for much of their health headaches, Boone reacted with surprise. He commented that some things clearly couldn’t be prevented, citing Aaron Judge’s broken toe from slamming the wall while making a remarkable catch at Dodger Stadium as bad luck, not a breakdown. He added that soft tissue strains occasionally happen after such incidents.

Boone explained that factors such as the makeup of the roster with more veteran players contribute to that situation. They noted that it’s a complex topic that involves many factors and would require a longer conversation to delve into all the details.

The skipper reiterated they continually strive to improve their injury prevention, evaluation, and treatment. He acknowledged that it’s not possible to avoid all injuries. Boone also admitted that while the team believes they have made improvements in many ways, the raw numbers, which do not favor them, put their progress in bad lights.

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  1. Can’t really dive into the trainers or injuries because I don’t have that info.I would make a suggestion though concerning Stanton.Please keep him out of the weight room.He should be stretching his muscles not tightening them up.Stretch,stretch,stretch and do baseball things.Leave the weights alone.

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