Yankees hitting coordinator touts Triple-A prospect as a ‘big-league hitter’

The Yankees Tripe-A prospect, Austin Wells.

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In a season where hitters haven’t performed as expected, the New York Yankees might find their solution for the upcoming year in the minor leagues. During an exclusively to Max Goodman of nj.com, the hitting coach of the Bronx Bomber, Joe Migliaccio hailed Austin Wells‘s quality saying that “he’s a big-league hitter.”

“The guy is a hitter, a big-league hitter. I don’t think there’s much to argue with that. But it’s just making sure that the plan that he’s taking up to his at-bats is the most optimal plan against that pitcher.”

Out of curiosity, the Yankees are enduring with their lengthiest losing streak in MLB history, largely due to their inability to perform well at the plate in each game.

Could Austin Wells be promoted by the Yankees?

Austin Wells in action for the Somerset Patriots.
MLB Pipeline

Meanwhile, Austin Wells finds himself situated lower on the depth chart within his position, a situation in stark contrast to Everson Pereira‘s recent elevation to the major leagues earlier this week.

Looking ahead, the Yankees are poised to embark on the offseason with three established big-league catchers ahead of Wells. As Jose Trevino is anticipated to recover in time for spring training following his season-ending wrist surgery, Kyle Higashioka continues to hold the distinction of being the club’s longest-serving player, and Ben Rortvedt is presently undergoing his first prolonged stint wearing the pinstripes.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t entirely preclude Wells – ranked as the Yankees’ No. 8 prospect by MLB Pipeline – from contention for a roster spot as early as the commencement of the upcoming season. Taking stock of the situation, there’s a valid prospect that Higashioka might not be retained at the conclusion of this year, while Rortvedt’s position remains uncertain, especially given his unimpressive offensive performance since stepping in for Trevino.

Austin Wells in a batting patrictise at the Yankees

Migliaccio has been emphatic in asserting that the Yankees firmly believe Wells is destined to shine at the next level with his batting prowess. The challenge primarily lies in affording him a sufficient number of Triple-A at-bats to ensure he’s adequately prepared for that pivotal leap.

While Everson Pereira appears to have a clear route to assume an outfield role come the next spring, Austin Wells finds himself positioned lower in the pecking order within his role.

As the offseason approaches, the Yankees will have three established big-league catchers ahead of Wells. With Jose Trevino expected to recuperate from his season-ending wrist surgery by spring training, Kyle Higashioka’s status as the club’s longest-serving player, and Ben Rortvedt’s inaugural extended stint in pinstripes, Wells faces an uphill battle.

However, this doesn’t rule out the potential for Wells (considered the Yankees’ No. 8 prospect according to MLB Pipeline) to be considered for a roster spot as early as the start of the upcoming season. Given the circumstances, a plausible scenario arises where Higashioka might not be offered a contract at the close of this year, and Rortvedt’s future remains uncertain, particularly due to his lackluster offensive performance since stepping in for Trevino.

Migliaccio’s assertion remains steadfast: the Yankees are confident in Wells’ capacity to excel offensively at the higher echelons. The crux of the matter lies in securing ample Triple-A at-bats for him, ensuring he’s suitably primed for that significant transition.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees hitting coordinator touts Triple-A prospect as a ‘big-league hitter’

  1. Austin Wells deserves to be up in the Bronx. He could form a righty-lefty catching tandem with Trevino

  2. The Yankees minor league hitting coordinator should worry about whether he has a job next yr considering all the hitters Yanks have produced out of their system recently.

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