Yankees fans rue missing City Connect jerseys as team sticks to pinstripes


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Major League Baseball revealed the nine teams participating in the 2024 City Connect jersey program, and notably missing from the lineup are the New York Yankees.

This year’s batch includes cross-town rivals, the Mets, who will unveil their new City Connect design in April. Other teams receiving the special treatment are the Cleveland Guardians, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Dodgers (second iteration), Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Rays, and Toronto Blue Jays
When the City Connect program launched in 2021, a collaboration between MLB and Nike, the intention was for all 30 teams to eventually participate. However, the Yankees and the Oakland Athletics, slated for relocation to Las Vegas, are the only holdouts remaining.

Why no City Connect uniforms for the Yankees?

The 2024 season marks a potential turning point in the MLB City Connect program, with only 10 teams, including the Yankees, yet to receive their own unique jerseys. This raises the question: will the Yankees ever join the City Connect club?

While MLB and Nike haven’t officially unveiled plans beyond 2024, the Dodgers’ second iteration could hint at a “second wave” of designs spurred by the program’s popularity. However, it’s also possible that this simply replaces the Oakland Athletics’ jersey, considering their upcoming relocation and challenges in representing their community through a City Connect design.

Therefore, predicting the Yankees‘ fate remains a mystery. With only a few teams left, the 2024 season might have been intended as the final rollout, but the Dodgers’ case leaves room for speculation. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see if the Yankees step up to the plate and unveil their own City Connect design, or if they remain on the sidelines for good.

Furthermore, Yankees managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner has expressed his reluctance toward the notion of altering the team’s iconic pinstripes for home games.

Steinbrenner clarified in an interview with The Michael Kay Show last summer that he wasn’t engaged in any substantial discussions regarding implementing a similar program like the CC program. He acknowledged the appeal of such initiatives to fans, particularly younger ones, and recognized their potential impact on merchandise sales. However, he emphasized that the organization hadn’t delved into serious talks about adopting such a program. While he didn’t rule out the possibility entirely, he admitted uncertainty about its feasibility and appearance.

With the unveiling of the 2024 City Connect jerseys, there may arise inquiries directed toward Steinbrenner or a representative of the Yankees regarding their participation in the program, potentially providing confirmation. However, until such clarification emerges, fans of the Yankees should temper their expectations regarding the introduction of a Yankees City Connect uniform.

The Nike MLB City Connect Series commemorates the rich history, culture, and vitality of each city, serving as a unifying force that strengthens the bonds between the clubs and their communities. Nike prioritizes MLB clubs in its design approach for the City Connect Series, involving them extensively in the process. Clubs contribute their aspirations, mottos, inspirations, and other elements to craft a jersey that reflects their distinctiveness and resonates with their local communities.

Yankees fans react

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One thought on “Yankees fans rue missing City Connect jerseys as team sticks to pinstripes

  1. Most Yankees fans don’t want them. Is flip all for sale, including your team’s dignity? Most of these CC jerseys & caps are just stupid and look like they belong in a weekend rec league than even an Independent baseball league.

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