Yankees fans remain opposed to honoring Alex Rodriguez at Monument Park

Yankees fans are holding placards as Alex Rodriguez steps up to bat in Chicago on Aug 5, 2023.

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Former Yankees great Alex Rodriguez made a plea to the Yankees to retire his No. 13 in a recent interview with Evan and Tiki on WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM in New York. However, the fan reaction is largely against giving the former player a place in Yankee Stadium Monument Park.

In a moment of candid reflection, Alex Rodriguez acknowledged that seeing Joey Gallo don the No. 13 Yankees jersey in 2021 didn’t bring him joy. It’s a sentiment shared by many sports legends when they witness someone else wearing their iconic number on the field, and A-Rod was no different.

Alex Rodriguez’s plea to the Yankees

The intriguing element of this conversation lay in Alex Rodriguez’s candid wish to see his name restored to glory by washing the PED stain. He openly shared his aspiration for the retirement of his No. 13 jersey, commemorating his remarkable journey with the team. A-Rod’s time with the Yankees was a complex blend of achievements and controversies, rendering him a polarizing figure in the team’s storied history.

However, Alex Rodriguez wasted no time recognizing that realizing this dream might be an arduous endeavor, primarily due to his ongoing role as a television analyst with FOX Sports. His unreserved critiques and candid evaluations of the present-day Yankees leave no room for sugar-coating. This direct and unsparing approach to broadcasting may not necessarily cultivate favor with the Yankees’ top brass, especially in the context of jersey retirement considerations.

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees during the parade in the Bronx to celebrate the 2009 World Series.

In his own words, Alex Rodriguez articulated that his tendency to be highly critical of the Yankees could potentially hinder his chances of having his number retired. Nevertheless, he emphasized that his profession as an analyst required him to provide honest assessments. He also expressed a sincere desire for his number to be retired as a form of recognition for his contributions to the Yankees, while acknowledging the possibility that it might not happen. This quote underscores his dedication to transparency in his role as an analyst and his authentic aspiration to receive recognition, even if it means accepting the outcome if his number is not retired.

Yankees fans rejected Alex Rodriguez’s plea

Yankees great Alex Rodriguez with his daughters at Yankee Stadium on on Aug. 12, 2016.

However, there are some Yankees fans, who sympathized with Alex Rodriguez and agreed with his appeal.

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