Yankees icon A-Rod appeals for no. 13 jersey retirement

Yankees great Alex Rodriguez with his daughters at Yankee Stadium on on Aug. 12, 2016.
Amanda Paula
Thursday October 19, 2023

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Alex Rodriguez, the legendary baseball icon, recently shared some candid thoughts about the situation involving his iconic number 13 jersey with the New York Yankees. This revelation came during a conversation with Evan and Tiki on WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM in New York, shedding light on his feelings when the Yankees traded for Joey Gallo in 2021, who subsequently donned the No. 13 pinstripes.

Yankees legend A-Rod’s plea

Alex Rodriguez playing for the New York Yankees

In a moment of genuine honesty, Rodriguez admitted that the sight of Joey Gallo sporting his beloved No. 13 Yankees jersey did not fill him with delight. It’s a feeling that most sports legends experience when they see someone else wearing their iconic number on the field, and A-Rod was no exception.

However, what made this discussion particularly interesting was Rodriguez’s open desire to see his number hang among the Yankees’ pantheon in Monument Park. He expressed the sentiment that he would like to have his No. 13 jersey retired in recognition of his incredible career with the team. A-Rod’s tenure with the Yankees was marked by both accomplishments and controversies, making him a polarizing figure in the franchise’s history.

Yet, Rodriguez was quick to acknowledge that this aspiration might be an uphill battle, mainly because of his current role as a television analyst with FOX Sports. He doesn’t hold back when assessing the performance and issues of the current Yankees team. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach to broadcasting may not necessarily endear him to the Yankees’ decision-makers when it comes to retiring his jersey.

In his own words, Rodriguez explained, “I’m too critical to the Yankees, and that doesn’t help my case. But I get paid to tell the truth… I want my number retired. If it’s not retired, so be it.” This quote reflects his commitment to honesty in his role as an analyst and his genuine desire to be recognized for his contributions to the Yankees, even if it means facing the possibility of not achieving that goal.

A-Rod’s undying passion for the Yankees

When asked if Yankees fans might become more amenable to the idea of retiring his number if the team’s World Series drought persists, thereby making his 2009 championship title even more significant, Rodriguez’s response was indicative of his unyielding passion for the franchise. He stated, “I could buy that theory, but I don’t want that to happen. I want them to win. I want them to turn things around.”

This response underscores his unwavering dedication to the Yankees’ success and his desire for the team to reclaim its former glory. Alex Rodriguez remains an iconic figure in the world of baseball, with his personal connection to the Yankees and the history he created during his tenure making his sentiments on jersey retirement all the more significant.

In sum, Rodriguez’s recent interview revealed his mixed emotions regarding Joey Gallo’s use of his No. 13 jersey, his wish to have his number retired, and his commitment to the Yankees’ triumph, even if it means setting aside personal recognition. It’s a testament to his enduring passion for the sport and the franchise that has defined much of his career.

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5 thoughts on “Yankees icon A-Rod appeals for no. 13 jersey retirement

  1. What did he accomplish as a Yankee? Nothing remotely close to those who have their number retired by the organization. He’s a bum, J-Lo retired his number and moved on, thats his fate.

  2. Shouldn’t have cast suspicion on the ‘roids then, Alex. Sorry, but us true Yankee fans will wait for another number 13.

  3. Andy Pettitte was also found using high so was Roger Clemons , Barry Bonds People wake up all of the MLB uses it. To not retire his number is a shame. The man was one of the greatest to play the game. I have been a yankee fan for 50 years . He is a true hall of famer and if he is never allowed into the hall with all of the other above mentioned, would put the hall of fame in question that they have the best players in history of the sport.

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