Yankees fans stay true to pinstripes, reject Bryce Harper’s invitation

Phillies star Bryce Harper, a self-confessed Yankees fan, is with his wife Kayla.

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It’s a well-known fact that Bryce Harper, the prominent player for the Philadelphia Phillies, had a deep-rooted affection for the New York Yankees. While he is raking in accolades this postseason, Yankees fans also feel the pinch of missing the first baseman on their team.

During an interview on “The Pat McAfee Show” last Friday, the two-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) chose not to divulge whether Bryce Harper had any discussions with Brian Cashman during the period of free agency. Instead, he fondly recollected the Yankees’ late 90s dynasty and further emphasized his profound attachment to the vibrant city of Philadelphia.

However, being aware of Yankees fans’ feelings about him, Bryce Harper extended them an unusual invitation.

“If you want to come, be a Philly fan,” he said.

Bryce Harper concedes his Yankees fandom

Bryce Harper, an MLB player

He admitted to have been a Yankees fan throughout his life, a fact well-known to everyone. Bryce Harper went on to express his admiration for the outstanding Yankee teams of the past, citing players like Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, and Jorge Posada. Harper also stated that while he loved those teams, he couldn’t fathom not being a Philadelphia Phillie. He emphasized the unique experience of being a part of the Philadelphia Phillies and extended an invitation to others, saying, “If one desires to embrace the Philadelphia Phillies fandom, they should consider joining.”

Following the New York Yankees’ acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton, the National League MVP for the year 2017, in preparation for the 2018 season, it was evident that Bryce Harper, who was on the verge of becoming a free agent in the subsequent season, would not be a part of the Yankees’ roster.

After the Yankees rejected him, Bryce Harper inked a massive 13-year contract with the Phillies, worth a total of $330 million. This substantial deal included a $20 million signing bonus and granted him a complete no-trade clause. His earnings would amount to $26 million annually until 2028, after which it would reduce to $22 million per year for the final three years of the contract.

Conversely, Stanton has a remaining salary of $128 million until 2028, resulting in an annual average value of $25.6 million.

Since his signing with the Phillies, Bryce Harper has posted impressive stats, with a batting line of .284/.395/.536 and a total of 122 home runs. In comparison, during the same timeframe, Stanton’s performance has been less impressive, with a batting line of .233/.322/.796 and 97 home runs to his name.

Considering these developments, one may wonder if the Yankees would make the same decision today.

Yankees fans reject Bryce Harper’s invitation

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