Radio host blasts Cashman as ‘criminal’ for Yankees ignoring playoff stud

Bryce Harper and Keith McPherson with Yankees GM Brain Cashman
Inna Zeyger
Friday October 13, 2023

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Yankees GM Brian Cashman is subject to stinging criticism for the team’s sagging fortunes in 2023. His primary mistake, according to fans, is the faulty roster construction that doomed the Yankees. Radio host Keith has gone a step further and branded him a criminal for ignoring a playoff stud and instead, relying on Giancarlo Stanton.

Keith was broadcasting live on the air Wednesday night while witnessing Bryce Harper‘s impressive show for the Phillies that secured two home runs in a crucial Game 3 at Citizens Bank Park. He couldn’t resist envisioning Bryce Harper’s brilliance on the playoff stage while wearing the iconic pinstripes, a scenario that might have unfolded if the Yankees had pursued him more vigorously in free agency four years ago.

Keith fires salvo at Brian Cashman over Bryce Harper

Upon witnessing Bryce Harper’s remarkable performance with two home runs in a crucial Game 3 for the Phillies on Wednesday night, further cementing his postseason legacy, radio hosts found themselves pondering how life would have been different as Yankees fans had this left-handed slugger ended up in New York.

Keith mentioned Bryce Harper had an affinity for the Yankees and expressed surprise at the team not approaching him. The radio host pointed out that Harper had dreamed of playing at Yankee Stadium. He recounted how Bryce Harper, a generational talent who had been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated at the age of 16, had openly discussed not receiving any contact from the Yankees.

Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies was once a Yankees fan.

However, Keith criticized the Yankees for their response, suggesting that they deemed Giancarlo Stanton sufficient for their needs, which he found redundant. Harper guided the Phillies to a pennant last year and appears to be heading in the same direction in 2023, all while the Bombers remain out of the postseason. For Keith, it was a glaring missed opportunity for the Yankees not to at least consider the possibility of Harper joining the team in the Bronx.

A Yankees fan holds a FIRE CASHMAN sign at Yankee Stadium on August 5, 2023.

Keith expressed strong disapproval, addressing Brian Cashman, and characterized the decision to not consider Bryce Harper as “criminal.”

“Another guy who grew up a Yankee fan, who got on a podcast and said they didn’t even give me a phone call, they didn’t even contact me,” Keith said. “Excuse me, what? Bryce Harper, a generational talent, who we saw on the cover at Sports Illustrated at 16 years old…the guy was dreaming of playing in Yankee Stadium.”

“You know what the Yankees did? ‘Oh no, we got Giancarlo Stanton, we’re good.’ Redundant,” he said. “Criminal, Brian Cashman for you not to entertain Bryce Harper.”

Other radio hosts joined him to criticize the Yankees

The Yankees may have been out of contention for weeks, but Sal points out that their ongoing embarrassment is not over, all thanks to Bryce Harper’s consistent postseason excellence.

Sal criticized the Bombers, stating that they consistently brought embarrassment upon themselves, even as they observed the postseason from their own homes. He attributed this situation as the primary reason behind the Yankees’ failure to reach the World Series since 2009.

The primary reason for this regret stems from the Yankees’ failure to make a significant attempt to acquire Bryce Harper when he became a free agent before the 2019 season. Despite having a formidable outfield trio comprising Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Aaron Hicks, the team opted not to pursue Harper, even though his hitting style appeared tailor-made for Yankee Stadium.


In Sal’s view, the Yankees of the past would have found a way to accommodate a talent like Harper. Instead, Harper’s success stands as a testament to the team’s shortcomings resulting from their shift in philosophy.

Sal commented on how the Yankees of the past, under George Steinbrenner‘s leadership, would have made a move for Bryce Harper, as it seemed like the perfect match. However, he highlighted the change in the organization’s approach, emphasizing that the New York Yankees had conveyed that there was no place for Bryce Harper.

Sal saw this as more than just a Bryce Harper issue; he considered it a symbol of the Yankees’ ongoing failures and a sign that the organization no longer operated in the same manner it had in the past.

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6 thoughts on “Radio host blasts Cashman as ‘criminal’ for Yankees ignoring playoff stud

  1. This new Yankee ownership unlike the steinbrenna era is more concerned about money than winning. Long as the stands are full they are satisfied

  2. Harper would’ve probably got booed into oblivion at some point. He also wouldn’t have his flowing locks and thick beard which is where all his power is stored.

  3. Wasn’t the main issue that recently-signed Gerrit Cole wanted no part of Bryce Harper joining the Yankees due to some past differences between the two?
    If so, Cashman was probably trying to keep his new star happy, hence no phone call.

    That said, the problem would not have stopped George signing him if he really wanted to. E.g. he signed Reggie even though the manager and the team didn’t want him.

  4. Hindsight is 20/20, and unfair in this case, in my opinion. Four years ago, Stanton was rocking and nobody saw his rapid decline of the last 2 years coming. Bryce Harper could have experienced the same decline like Stanton, but he didnt, but who knew?? Be realistic, please!

  5. At the time Stanton was flying and there was no need. Harper money demand was huge. You can’t let that money sit on the bench. Baseball is a game of chance and speculation. Stanton was a good gamble at the time who knew he was going to be injury prone and fall apart? Idiots are blaming Cashman for not forseeing that? Who forsaw Thurman Munson dying in a plane crash….. armchair quarterbacks are always right in hindsight!! Dump the broadcaster!!!

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