Yankees eye Hinchliffe Stadium for an MLB Game

The Yankees wanted to host an MLB game at Hinchliffe Stadium.
North Jersey

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The New York Yankees and the Mayor of Paterson are hopeful of organizing a game at Hinchliffe Stadium, but they still face significant obstacles.

According to Gary Phillips of the Daily News, Mayor André Sayegh is committed to hosting a Major League game between the Yankees and the Mets at the former Negro Leagues stadium in New Jersey. Inspired by the recent granting of a Major League game at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama, Sayegh is determined to make the dream of a game at Hinchliffe a reality.

In his ideal scenario, the Yankees would wear the uniforms of the New York Black Yankees, while the Mets would resemble the New York Cubans, the two Negro Leagues teams that played at Hinchliffe. Sayegh believes this would be a natural fit and would benefit the city. The Mayor is working hard to ensure that Hinchliffe also receives a “dream game” proposal for the 2025 season.

Hinchliffe Stadium has undergone significant deterioration since its abandonment in 1997. The venue was covered in broken glass, graffiti, and overgrown vegetation, making it nearly impossible to identify the facilities of an operating stadium. However, a rehabilitation project of over $100 million began in April 2021, transforming the site into a multifunctional athletic complex, along with other attractions and public services.

The Yankees’ involvement in the Hinchliffe Stadium renovation process has been significant. Omar Minaya, senior advisor to the Yankees, has been a major advocate for the stadium’s revival and is enthusiastic about the progress made so far. During a youth clinic organized by the Yankees at Hinchliffe, Minaya expressed his support for Sayegh’s proposal and highlighted the stadium’s historical significance.

Although there are high expectations and excitement about a Major League game at Hinchliffe Stadium, there are still significant obstacles to overcome. Issues such as the lack of proper infrastructure, cramped locker rooms, and the presence of two different types of playing surfaces are concerns that need to be addressed. Additionally, the stadium’s dimensions do not meet MLB standards, which may raise doubts among the players.

Despite these challenges, Sayegh is confident that they can be overcome. He is willing to find solutions to problems like accessibility and parking and believes the stadium can be adapted to meet MLB requirements. Sayegh is determined to transform Hinchliffe Stadium into a historic venue where professional baseball can be played again.

While MLB has not made a definitive statement about the possibility of hosting a game at Hinchliffe Stadium, the interest in hosting special events is recognized. Sayegh’s optimism and the support of the Yankees raise hopes that a Major League game can become a reality.

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