Yankees extend olive branch to Sean Casey for 2024 role

John Allen
Monday October 2, 2023

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Sean Casey‘s brief tenure as the Yankees’ hitting coach has made a strong impression. On Sunday, he disclosed that the organization hopes to retain the former All-Star in that role going forward. As reported by Greg Joyce in the New York Post, after barely over two months instructing Yankee hitters, Sean Casey seems to have garnered enough organizational support to be brought back next season.

Though his coaching career in the Bronx has just started, the Yankees already want Sean Casey to continue imparting his hitting wisdom in pinstripes in 2023. His prior MLB success as a contact hitter and positive presence resonated quickly with the team’s front office and players. If finalized, the coach’s return would provide helpful hitting coach continuity for a Yankee lineup seeking improved production next year.

Sean Casey was initially brought in to helm the team for the remainder of the 2023 season, stepping in shortly after Dillon Lawson’s dismissal following the All-Star break. Although the Yankees’ offensive performance remained near the bottom of the league for the rest of the season, he connected with the players, leveraging his 12-year experience in the majors and advocating for a well-rounded strategy that blended analytics with a traditional approach.

Yankees extend olive branch to Sean Casey

Despite the shared desire of both the Yankees and Sean Casey for the hitting coach to come back for the next season, nothing has been firmly decided yet. He himself made it clear general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone wanted him to return next year. He made these remarks after the Yankees’ 5-2 defeat against the Royals in Game 162 on Sunday that it was now a matter of waiting to see what would happen.

“They’ve asked me to come back,” Casey said Sunday. “I just gotta figure out—talk to my daughters and have a couple conversations I need to have before I can say for sure.”

“I’ve talked to both those guys [general manager Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone]. Just trying to figure out what to do.”

At that juncture, Sean Casey seemed to suggest that the Yankees were gearing up to extend an invitation for him to return for the next season. He expressed his intention to take some time to contemplate the decision, citing his family as a significant factor.

Yankees' hitting coach Sean Casey looks as the Yankees head to 7-2 defeat to the Rockies.
AP Photo/ David Zalubowski

However, following the game, Boone put an end to that narrative, describing Casey’s comments as “a bit premature.” Shortly thereafter, Sean Casey clarified the situation, stating that while he has had discussions with Cashman regarding the following year, no formal offer has been extended. It’s been more of a hypothetical scenario: If Boone continues as the manager, would Sean Casey be open to returning?

Boone stated that there were several matters to address in the upcoming days. He mentioned his scheduled meetings with Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner this week to analyze the season. Regarding Sean Casey, he expressed that he had previously discussed his desire for Casey to stay, but he thought it might be premature to make any conclusions at this point.

Last week at Yankee Stadium, Boone disclosed that he, too, has not received a definite confirmation regarding his return to the Yankees for the upcoming season. While it seems improbable that he’ll be let go—others bear greater responsibility for the Yankees’ on-field performance in 2023—recent events, such as the Mets’ decision to dismiss Buck Showalter on Sunday after missing the playoffs, demonstrate that no one is entirely secure, especially following a postseason absence.

Casey leaves an impact on the Yankees

Aaron Judge praised Sean Casey, stating that he had been great and had introduced a different philosophy. Judge noted that Sean’s positive attitude helped players stay focused on their at-bats. He mentioned that they had access to all the numbers and information, but it was about feeling like the best hitter in the world when stepping into the batter’s box. Judge considered Sean Casey a valuable addition and expressed hope that he would remain, although he acknowledged that the future was uncertain.

Yankees hitting coach Sean Casey is with Billy McKinney and Aaron Judge.at Yankee Stadium.

Boone also expressed his support for Sean Casey on Sunday, but before the Yankees can solidify the remainder of the coaching staff, they will need to resolve Boone’s own uncertain future. This includes making decisions about his former Reds teammate from their days on the field together.

Boone commented that Sean Casey had made an impressive impact on the team since his arrival. Boone mentioned that he would now take some time to explore what’s next for him, and they would have discussions in the days and weeks ahead to determine their course of action. Boone added that Sean Casey had been a positive addition to the team and had done a commendable job during his time with them.

As Sean Casey prepares to resume his role as an analyst at MLB Network on Monday, his response to a question about his enjoyment of his time with the Yankees over the past few months suggests that it would be challenging for him to decline an offer to return next spring, should one be extended to him.

Sean Casey expressed his gratitude, saying that the experience had been incredible. He reflected on how unexpected opportunities arise in life, and this was one of those moments that took him by surprise and exceeded his expectations. He mentioned that becoming the hitting coach for some of the world’s best players, within the Yankees organization, had been a remarkable experience. Sean Casey specifically noted his admiration for the players, starting with Aaron Judge and extending throughout the clubhouse, highlighting the presence of good people.

He further explained his enjoyment of being part of the team, being in the dugout, and fighting together to win games. Sean Casey compared this experience to his time away from Major League Baseball and remarked that there was nothing quite like being in the midst of the action, helping players win games.

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One thought on “Yankees extend olive branch to Sean Casey for 2024 role

  1. Sean Casey should be retained as the hitting coach next year. Getting him some contact hitters to work with and improving both average and on base percentage should be the goal for 2024. You can’t have this many non contact players in one lineup
    The Yanks have to add quality lefthanded bats to their lineup to offset the almost exclusive right handed lineup.
    Casey has the right makeup to teach and help hitters balancing both analytics, with his experience and approach to hitting.

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