Yankees Attempted to Trade Hicks at The Deadline

Michael Bennington
Saturday August 6, 2022

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The New York Yankees were extremely active in the days leading up to the trade deadline on Tuesday, but GM Brian Cashman was unable to make some significant last-minute deals.

The team was in serious discussions with the Miami Marlins about acquiring one of the market’s top starting pitchers, Pablo López. However, the two parties were unable to reach an agreement, but we know that Gleyber Torres was involved in the talks.

However, Cashman was trying to unload two other starting players with large contracts in order to make some salary space for the upcoming season.

According to NJ.com’s Brendan Kuty, the Yankees attempted to offload Aaron Hicks and Josh Donaldson in order to make some salary space for the upcoming season.

Hicks has played in 93 games this season, which is more than his previous three seasons combined. He last played in more than 60 games in 2018, demonstrating how many injuries he’s dealt with in recent seasons. Hicks is currently hitting .223 with a 34.4 percent on-base rate, six home runs, and 31 RBIs. He has a 22 percent strikeout rate and a 14.8 percent walk rate.

Because he is in the middle of a 7 year, $70 million contract, Cashman was looking to get his financial implications off the books. He’ll make $10.5 million next season and $9.5 million through 2026, when he’ll be eligible for a $1 million buyout.

That means on average Yankees will pay him about $10 million per season over the next 3 years, and given his long cold streaks, it would have been advantageous to move him at the deadline, freeing up another roster spot for the playoffs.

We’ve seen Cashman work magic, but these 2 players are set to earn more than $31 million next season despite having little to no offensive impact. It’s not surprising that Cashman tried to move Hicks and Donaldson before the deadline, but he now has to figure out how to use them properly, especially when they are not in good form.

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