Yankee fans react to fan favorite Cabrera demotion

Oswaldo Cabrera of Yankees

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Last season witnessed Oswaldo Cabrera’s debut as the primary third baseman for the New York Yankees. Surely, the vast scale of the Major Leagues would have initially appeared daunting for the newcomer. Yet, his dynamic presence and the vibrant atmosphere of the game rapidly catapulted him to fan-favorite status in New York, an energy infusion rarely observed from such a young prospect.

Oswaldo catching a flyball in Yankees Stadium in 2022

However, the dream has temporarily paused, as Cabrera was recently assigned to Triple-A Scranton. The news elicited palpable reactions across social media platforms.

Even manager of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone commented on the demotion, “Part of surviving and ultimately thriving here is to be able to deal with the successes and failures, and being able to make adjustments as the league constantly is making adjustments to you. Those are the separators. He has a great head on his shoulders and he’s a really good player. We’ll just continue to work with him to try to make those adjustments.”

One thought on “Yankee fans react to fan favorite Cabrera demotion

  1. Takes to many strikes usually on first pitch fastballs. Not a good enough hitter to get in hole like that!

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