Why Cody Bellinger’s offseason saga is the ultimate headache for Yankees fans?

Cody Bellinger is on the radar of the Yankees
Thearon W. Henderson
Amanda Paula
Wednesday December 20, 2023

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We need to delve into the enigmatic rumors surrounding Cody Bellinger and his potential journey to the New York Yankees. In a scenario full of twists and turns, where the name Yamamoto also takes center stage, the mere mention of Bellinger becomes almost a distant past. With each passing day, a different narrative emerges, leaving us with the unsettling question: where, after all, will he land? Throughout the year 2023, the Yankees seemed to be the predestined destination, but surprisingly, last Sunday, rumors took flight away, suggesting that the team is no longer among the most likely options for the star.

Rumors linking Cody Bellinger to the Yankees amidst the current scenario

Cody Bellinger has been linked to join the Yankees.
USA Today

What could have caused this drastic turnaround? The scenario is peculiar and defies any attempt to reconcile its variables. Interestingly, Bellinger’s family ties to the Yankees, through his father, apparently do not influence the outcome of this puzzle.

Although Brian Cashman’s name is often associated with the role of the villain, the truth is more complex than this simplification suggests. It is crucial to remember that speculation about Bellinger and the Yankees is largely commercially motivated.

To exacerbate the situation, last week, Jack Curry emphatically stated, “The Yankees were never truly interested in Cody Bellinger.” We are not dismissing the rumors linking Bellinger to the Yankees; they are real, with reliable sources and dedicated journalists involved. However, for still mysterious reasons, Bellinger has not landed in the Yankee Stadium so far and, it seems, may never do so.

What did the Newspapers say about Bellinger to the Yankees?

Cody Bellinger watches his home run during the third inning of a baseball game against the New York Yankees.

Throughout this off-season, various teams have been mentioned as possible destinations for the slugger Cody Bellinger, including the Giants, Yankees, Mariners, and Padres. However, as we approach Christmas, only two favorites emerge as the most likely to secure the services of the 2023 National League Comeback Player of the Year.

Jon Heyman of MLB Network recently pointed to the Cubs and the Blue Jays as the “most likely” destinations for Cody Bellinger. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale stated that Toronto “has emerged as the favorite,” while the Chicago team “is still in contention.”

The Blue Jays’ pursuit of a major signing after losing the race for Shohei Ohtani indicates that they have the budget to sign any player available in free agency. It is important to mention that Cody Bellinger is seeking a contract exceeding $200 million, according to Heyman.

As for the Cubs, the interest in Cody Bellinger and other prominent free agents, such as Matt Chapman, is evident. However, Sahadev Sharma and Patrick Mooney of The Athletic indicated that Jed Hoyer, president of baseball operations, may be waiting to see if Bellinger’s asking price fits into a more acceptable range.

Yankees fans’ opinion

Now, the Yankees fans’ opinion about Bellinger seems a little bit vague. At the beginning of the year, Yankees enthusiasts were eager for Bellinger to join the team. However, recent comments suggest a scenario of uncertainty.

Some fans now express a preference for signing Cody Bellinger but not as the sole bet, sharing the opinion that distributing resources more equitably may be a more effective strategy.

In summary, the saga of rumors about Cody Bellinger to the Yankees has become an intriguing (and boring plot. The resolution of this puzzle remains uncertain, and the year 2023 promises to be marked by this captivating story, rivaling even the news about the Japanese stars Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Shohei Ohtani and their alleged interest in the iconic baseball jersey.

And now, dear reader, what do you think about the intriguing rumors involving Cody Bellinger and the Yankees? Leave your comment below.

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