Yankees injury latest: DJ LeMahieu gets green signal for AAA rehab start

Esteban Quiñones
Tuesday April 23, 2024

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After a considerable setback due to an injury, New York Yankees’ infielder DJ LeMahieu is set to begin his rehab assignment, signaling a promising return to the major leagues. This development is a crucial step for LeMahieu, who has been sidelined for an extended period, leaving a noticeable void in the Yankees’ lineup.

DJ LeMahieu is officially a go on his rehab assignment

DJ LeMahieu’s journey back to the diamond is finally taking a concrete shape as he embarks on a rehab assignment with Double-A Somerset. The star infielder, recovering from a non-displaced fracture, has been out of the Yankees’ roster, stirring concerns about his fitness and future impact on the team. According to LeMahieu, he anticipates a brief stint in the minors, expecting to participate in “less than five” games before making his major league comeback. Aaron Boone, the Yankees’ manager, echoed this sentiment in an interview, highlighting the cautious optimism surrounding LeMahieu’s health and readiness to return.

Tonight’s game against Reading marks a significant milestone for LeMahieu, with fans and team management alike keenly observing his performance and endurance on the field. This phase of active rehabilitation is not just about recovery but also about regaining his rhythm and confidence, elements crucial for his effective reintegration into the team’s dynamic. If LeMahieu’s prognosis holds and the Yankees agree with his timeline, he could make his return in time for the upcoming weekend series in Milwaukee. Despite Cabrera’s early-season surge, his recent slowdown could pave the way for LeMahieu to reassume his role as the primary third baseman without disruption.

Oswaldo Cabrera’s stellar performance: A complication or blessing?

In the wake of LeMahieu’s injury, Oswaldo Cabrera has stepped up, impressively filling the gap left by the veteran. Cabrera’s performance has been more than just satisfactory; it has been a revelation. With a batting average of .303 and an OPS of .838 over 18 games this season, coupled with 14 RBIs, Cabrera has proven himself a valuable asset to the Yankees. His prowess has been particularly notable with runners in scoring position, where he boasts a batting average of .429 and an OPS of 1.028.

Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images

Cabrera’s success presents a complex scenario for Boone and the Yankees’ management. With LeMahieu set to return, the question arises: Is it the right time to bring him back into the starting lineup, potentially disrupting the current flow and chemistry established by Cabrera? Boone has addressed this by stating a “long way to go” attitude, focusing on maintaining Cabrera’s role while integrating LeMahieu back into the game plan.

The decision will likely hinge on balancing immediate team needs with long-term strategies, considering both players’ contributions and health statuses. As LeMahieu gears up for his return, Cabrera’s exemplary performance has indeed made this a pleasant dilemma for the Yankees, reflecting depth and resilience in their roster.

As the season progresses, the Yankees are positioned to handle this transition smoothly, thanks to their depth and strategic foresight. The situation, although complex, is a testament to the team’s robust framework, capable of nurturing talent and handling unexpected challenges effectively. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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