‘I don’t get it’ – Michael Kay’s blistering rebuke of Yankee fans booing Aaron Judge

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Amanda Paula
Tuesday April 23, 2024

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Yankee Stadium isn’t known for sparing even its brightest stars from the sting of boos. Aaron Judge, revered for his record-setting prowess, found himself the target of fan frustration as he struggled through a hitless spell on Saturday, striking out four times in as many at-bats.

This vocal dissatisfaction didn’t escape the notice of YES Network announcer Michael Kay, who took to his ESPN show to address the chorus of boos raining down on the Yankees’ captain Aaron Judge.

“Yes, this is to the Yankee fans that are listening: What are you doing?” Kay said. “I mean, can we be friends here? What are you doing booing Aaron Judge? I understand he’s played horribly. I get it. He’s the captain of the team. He’s represented the team in the best way. I’m not saying you don’t have the right. You definitely have the right. But to what end?

What Michael Kay said about Aaron Judge?

Acknowledging the legitimacy of fan frustration, Kay urged a moment of reflection. While supporters certainly possess the right to voice their discontent, he questioned the efficacy of directing such ire towards Judge, particularly given his esteemed status within the team. Kay’s concern was not merely for Aaron Judge’s morale but also for the broader implications of such actions, especially in regard to potential future acquisitions like Juan Soto.

“You’re trying to seduce Juan Soto to stay. And then Juan Soto sees his own fan base turning on the Yankee captain who broke the American League home run record two years ago. And you booing him to what end? Is he not trying? If he wasn’t trying, you should boo him out of the ballpark. What are they doing? There’s nobody that’s immune to booing anymore.”

In a plea to the fans, Kay emphasized the significance of their behavior, cautioning against the unintended consequences of alienating a player of Judge’s caliber. He underscored the paradox of attempting to court talent like Soto while simultaneously deriding the very stars who might make such endeavors successful. The message was clear: if the goal is to attract and retain top talent, a supportive atmosphere is paramount.

the player of the new york yankees aaron judge.

Aaron Judge himself, no stranger to adversity, responded to the boos with characteristic grace, acknowledging the fans’ frustration while maintaining his focus on the game at hand. Despite enduring a challenging stretch, he remained steadfast in his commitment to the team’s success.

“I’ve heard worse, and I’d probably be doing the same thing in their situation,” Judge said when asked about the boos.

The statistics tell a story of struggle for Aaron Judge, with a sparse scattering of hits amid a sea of missed opportunities. Yet, amid the slump, he remains a pillar of resilience, weathering the storm of criticism with dignity and determination.

As the season unfolds, Aaron Judge’s performance will undoubtedly come under further scrutiny. But the lesson from this episode is clear: in the hallowed halls of Yankee Stadium, where legends are made and legacies forged, every fan’s voice carries weight. And in the delicate dance of player-fan relations, the echoes of boos can reverberate far beyond the diamond, shaping the destiny of a team and its aspirations for the future.

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