Three Yankees most likely to move out by the trade deadline

The New York Yankees team in a celebratory mode after their win against the Royals in Yankee Stadium on July 25, 2023.

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As the 2023 MLB trade deadline looms, the New York Yankees find themselves in a captivating position – one that attracts the interest of both enthusiasts and onlookers alike.

With Aaron Judge back in action and Gerrit Cole performing at his peak, the Yankees have some obligation to fortify the roster and energize the fan base, hoping to make a strong push into the playoffs. Although they face deficits in the Wild Card and AL East, the team and fans remain cautiously optimistic about their chances to turn things around.

The 2023 Yankees cannot solely rely on one or two players. While they need a trade boost, key players such as Anthony Rizzo, DJ LeMahieu, and Giancarlo Stanton should also step up. This is a well-known fact within the team and among fans.

To create space for mid-tier acquisitions, the Yankees will also have to trim their payroll. Brian Cashman faces a complex challenge this week as he attempts to reenergize the Yankees and reportedly considers trading these three players.

Gleyber Torres: The Yankees’ unlikely trade


For the past year, the Miami Marlins have expressed considerable interest in acquiring Gleyber Torres, the second baseman for the New York Yankees. However, they feel that the Yankees’ asking price in any potential trade has been too high for their preferences.

According to Randy Miller’s report for NJ Advance Media, it was mentioned that the Marlins had a keen interest in Gleyber Torres around this time last year. The report also mentioned that the Marlins are continuing their efforts to pursue a trade for the second baseman, as disclosed by a source familiar with Marlins management.

The source revealed that the Marlins have been making strong efforts to acquire Torres, but they have been deterred by the Yankees’ demanding price, which includes two 25-year-old starting pitchers, namely Edward Cabrera and Braxton Garrett, along with two prospects.

During his six-year MLB career, Torres, a two-time All-Star, has been exclusively with the Yankees. This season, the 26-year-old infielder has recorded 16 home runs, 44 RBIs, a batting average of .258, and an OPS of .750.

At the beginning of his career, Torres experienced an impressive and sizzling start, registering a .849 OPS in his first two seasons. In his rookie year, he managed to hit 24 home runs in 123 games, and he reached a career-high of 38 homers in 2019.

In the four years following, Torres’ performance has not been as strong, as he accumulated 52 home runs in 412 games and maintained a .735 OPS. To be fair, amidst a disappointing 2023 Yankees season, Torres has been a standout. With 16 home runs, he holds the second spot on the team’s leaderboard, and his .750 OPS places him third.

While Torres has just one more year under team control, trading him at this moment might not be the best move, especially if the Yankees are still in the playoff race. The Yankees’ high asking price for him is reasonable considering his age and impressive track record. Meanwhile, the Yankees’ second baseman had gone off social media giving rise to more rumors about his trade.

Domingo German: The Yankees’ best trade option

New York Yankees starter Domingo German

There’s no better opportunity to “sell high” than when you have a player who recently pitched a perfect game at the end of June.

At this stage, Domingo Germán‘s capabilities are well-established. The Yankees chose to keep him despite a domestic violence suspension, driven by his undeniable pitching talent. Since his comeback in 2021, it’s evident that he can perform exceptionally for a couple of starts, but then he occasionally delivers an abysmal performance and struggles to control his breaking pitches.

The reason for Germán’s 4.77 ERA this season, his 4.58 mark in 2021, and his 3.61 ERA with a 4.44 FIP last season all point to one conclusion: this is the pitcher he truly is.

In addition to his struggles, Germán has also showcased moments of brilliance, shutting down the Dodgers on Sunday Night Baseball, delivering a perfect game against the A’s, and dominating the Twins with 6.1 innings of 11 strikeouts. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that he has faced challenges, including a suspension for using foreign substances on the ball.

Germán’s current salary is set at a reasonable $2.6 million for this season, but dealing him alone won’t provide the financial relief the Yankees seek. However, his team control for the next year and a half does make him an appealing asset for potential suitors. With Germán, you’ll witness impressive outings where he spins gems, but there will also be instances where he gets hit hard (as evident in the 10 runs surrendered to the Mariners before his perfect game). His performances will continue to be a mix of tantalizing brilliance and moments of frustration.

The Yankees have a surplus of pitching talent, and when considering their best rotation for the long term and playoffs, Germán may not be part of the equation. If there’s a team willing to pay for the unpredictable yet dazzling performances he’s capable of, the Yankees should seize the opportunity. Germán appears to be the most likely Yankee to find himself on another team this week, by a significant margin.

Giancarlo Stanton: The Yankees’ loss, others’ gain

Yankees DH Giancarlo Stanton looks frustrated against the Cubs on July 7, 2023, at Yankee Stadium

Giancarlo Stanton’s time with the New York Yankees has been a roller coaster ride. When he’s in top form, Stanton is undoubtedly one of the most powerful hitters in the league. However, his ongoing injury issues have been a crucial factor throughout his tenure with the team.

During Stanton’s six-year stint with the Yankees, he managed to play 139 games or more on only two occasions. Despite a strong start to the 2023 season, the former MVP landed on the IL after just 13 games. Although he has been making steady progress toward a return, the team is yet to set a definite timeline for his re-activation.

As a result of Stanton’s frequent absence from the lineup, numerous Yankees fans have become increasingly frustrated, both with the team’s performance and with the slugger’s inability to stay healthy. While some fans have expressed a desire for the team to trade Stanton, it might not be a straightforward task due to his full no-trade clause. Any potential trade would require Stanton to waive this clause before any negotiations could take place.

If Stanton decides to waive his no-trade clause, there could be significant interest from competitive teams or those willing to take a chance on a high-potential player experiencing a slump. At 33 years old, Stanton’s age might make him an attractive option for certain teams. The San Diego Padres, known for their aggressive approach in the trade market, could be one of the teams interested in acquiring the injury-prone star. Similarly, the Los Angeles Dodgers, renowned for taking chances on veteran players like Joey Gallo and J.D. Martinez, could also be a compelling destination for Stanton. The Texas Rangers, with a strong desire to win a World Series, might consider pursuing the former National League MVP. The New York Mets might also be in the mix for a potential deal.

Stanton’s substantial contract could present a challenge for the Yankees, as they may need to absorb a portion of his salary in any potential trade.

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7 thoughts on “Three Yankees most likely to move out by the trade deadline

  1. Gleyber Torres swings at eve 1st pitch !!! he swings 4 the seats every at bat!!!. He had little hitting steak going but, he’s built to have good On Base Percentage!!!. He’s made a lot of errors.As far as Offense…The Yankee line up needs to be patient at the plate!!! Stop swinging at Sucker Pitchers out of the strike zone .
    Wade Boggs always waited for first called strike at bat. Work The Pitcher!!!. Make him pitch to U . Wear him Down… Strategy!!!.

  2. I guess Boone doesn’t know that !!!. Hopefully Sean Casey knows Strategy on hitting . I’m stressed to see the Yankee team go down like this . Such great talent on this team w some flaws. Need to make a lot of adjustments. Dnt Let Down Your Fans …Hal !!!. Enough Said !!!.

      1. You’ve got that right. He looks like he’s basically washed up at 33. It’s painful watching him play the field or run…oh he’ll still hit the occasional home run between hitting into dozens of ground ball DP’s and outs but the Yankees need consistent hitting not occasional home runs.

    1. They are a bunch of sorry 200 hitters who can barely get wood on the ball. I’ve never seen anything like them in a Yankees uniform. 30 strikeouts in 2 consecutive days is a futile record no Yankees team should ever have achieved. They suck wind!

    2. They are a bunch of sorry 200 hitters who can barely get wood on the ball. I’ve never seen anything like them in a Yankees uniform. 30 strikeouts in 2 consecutive days is a futile record no Yankees team should ever have achieved.

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