Yankees trade: Gleyber Torres goes off social media

Gleyber Torres and his son watching his mobile at Yankee Stadium.

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BALTIMORE — Gleyber Torres has consistently been the subject of trade rumors. As the speculation intensifies in view of the approaching trade deadline, the Yankees’ second baseman has taken a break from Twitter, where trade rumors are being discussed the most.

Meanwhile, reports suggest a strong interest from the Miami Marlins in Gleyber Torres.

While Torres remains active on Instagram, where he manages sponsorships, he has made a conscious decision to avoid scrolling through Twitter. Fans believe that he does this to avoid any questions related to his trade possibility.

However, the second baseman looks unperturbed on Sunday when asked about his potential trade.

“Those things don’t contribute to my performance on the field,” Gleyber Torres told.

Will the Yankees trade Torres?

Despite being the team’s most consistent performer in another solid, though not extraordinary, season, the ongoing trade rumors surrounding Gleyber Torres have not diminished his significance to the club.

The rumors persistently link him to the Marlins, given their pitching assets that could intrigue the Yankees, while Oswald Peraza remains a potential replacement at second base. In spring training, team owner Hal Steinbrenner expressed his belief that Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza could form the Yankees’ future middle infield, potentially excluding Gleyber Torres from that vision.


Gleyber Torres has made an effort to steer clear of dwelling on the possibilities and instead sees the external interest as a form of flattery. He explained that when people inquire about your availability, it’s a reflection of your improved performance and how much you are needed by another team. He mentioned this as he is currently in his sixth year with the Yankees.

Gleyber Torres reaffirmed his desire to stay with the Yankees, not just for the trade deadline but for the long term as well. Heading into the upcoming offseason, he will be in his last arbitration year, and he will have the opportunity to become a free agent after the 2024 season.

Marlins were linked to Gleyber Torres in 2022

As the baseball community became aware of the potential trade scenarios involving Gleyber Torres and former Marlins pitcher Pablo Lopez, Gleyber Torres himself also became acquainted with the situation.

Last year, Gleyber Torres mentioned that there were numerous rumors, and at some stage, he found himself checking Twitter more frequently to keep track of the situation.

instagram – gleyberdavid

Despite the constant rumors, Gleyber Torres struggled at the plate, posting a batting average of .173 in the 12 games leading up to last year’s trade deadline. Ultimately, no trade was finalized, and Torres continued to thrive in his career with the Yankees, having found a way to reduce his exposure to social media.

Gleyber Torres accepts unpredictability

He entered Sunday’s game at Camden Yards with a season-best .786 OPS in July and was positioned as the Yankees’ No. 2 hitter for Sunday night, recording a 1-for-5 performance with a double.

Gleyber Torres mentioned that the Yankees have yet to initiate discussions about a contract extension with him, expressing a wishful sentiment for that possibility. He has made an effort to remain away from the swirling trade rumors but acknowledges the unpredictability of the situation leading up to the decision day on Tuesday.

The second baseman conveyed his satisfaction with his current situation, indicating that he is content with his role in the team. However, he also recognized the unpredictable nature of the trade deadline and the possibility of changes in the near future.

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4 thoughts on “Yankees trade: Gleyber Torres goes off social media

  1. I think the Yankees should extend Gleyber Torres. He had a bad year when they moved him to short stop which never should of happened. Since being back at second he’s been solid. He’s a above average hitter who’s numbers show that through the years.

  2. It will be a big mistake, get the old guys out and bring the young youth that can transform the.

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