The heartwarming tale of Jose Trevino’s family and the Yankees’ Mexico tour

Jose Trevino playing for the Yankees

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Jose Trevino, eagerly anticipating the Yankees’ upcoming trip to Mexico, is brimming with excitement. Upon learning about the team’s venture south of the border, Trevino received a text from his uncle, incredulous about the news. “He’s like, ‘Hey, is this for real? Is this really happening?'” Trevino recounted during a recent autograph signing event at New Jersey’s American Dream mall. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, dude, I might need a translator. You can come with me.’ So that’s an exciting thing for Mexico, for the Yankees. I think it’s gonna be awesome.”

Why the Yankees are going to play in Mexico?

In case you missed the announcement, the Yankees are scheduled to engage in two exhibition games against the Diablos Rojos del México at Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium in Mexico City on March 24 and 25. These matches, alongside previously planned spring training games in Florida on the same days, will conclude the Yankees’ exhibition season before they kick off their campaign in Houston on March 28.

With the Yankees boasting 27 World Series championships and the Diablos Rojos clinching 16 titles in the Mexican Baseball League, the upcoming showdown holds immense historical significance. While the roster for the Mexico City trip remains uncertain, Trevino stands as one of the Yankees with Mexican heritage, alongside Alex Verdugo and Victor González.

“That’s gonna be sweet, man,” Trevino expressed. “I mean, that’s gonna be something I would definitely love to attend.”

Hailing from Corpus Christi, Texas, Trevino grew up along the Gulf of Mexico and in proximity to the Mexican-United States border. Despite not frequently visiting Mexico, Trevino acknowledges the country’s profound love for baseball and anticipates a warm reception for the Yankees.

“I know the baseball culture down there is unbelievable,” Trevino remarked. “It’s gonna be crazy.”

How much the tickets will cost?

The Yankees‘ last appearance in Mexico City dates back to 1968 when a team led by Mickey Mantle participated in two exhibition games against the Diablos Rojos, resulting in a split series.

Looking ahead, fans are already gearing up for the showdown between the Diablos Rojos del México and the New York Yankees at Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium. Ticket sales for the matches on March 24 and 25 are underway, with prices ranging from 780 to 4,800 Mexican pesos — if you reside in Mexico City, the cost typically ranges from $45 to $281.

The anticipation for this clash is palpable, as it marks a reunion after 56 years, reigniting a historic rivalry between two teams with distinct narratives in their respective leagues.

For those planning to attend, ticket purchases began with a special presale for season ticket holders, followed by sales to the general public. The stadium will be divided into sections for both Diablos Rojos and Yankees supporters, emphasizing the spirit of competition and camaraderie among fans.

As the countdown begins, excitement continues to mount for what promises to be a memorable series. With baseball serving as a unifying force, the upcoming games in Mexico City will undoubtedly celebrate the rich heritage and passion for the sport shared by both nations, echoing the sentiment of Trevino’s enthusiasm: “It’s gonna be crazy.”

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