Gerrit Cole gushingly set Soto among ‘MLB’s best hitters,’ fueling Yankees hype

Gerrit Cole during an interview with Yes Network on February 05, 2024

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The New York Yankees have been actively repositioning their roster during the offseason, drawing attention to their strategic acquisitions. In a recent interview with Yes Network, Gerrit Cole, the team’s star pitcher, shared his insights into the Yankees’ signings and his anticipation for the upcoming season.

Gerrit Cole evaluates offseason acquisitions

Cole expressed enthusiasm about the Yankees’ offseason acquisitions, highlighting key players such as Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo, Marcus Stroman, and Trent Grisham.

Regarding the signings, Gerrit Cole remarked, “We acquired three left-handers that have hit over 500 bats in the last three seasons consecutively. So these guys are ready to play every single day, and we know the talent they bring.”

He emphasized the importance of diversifying the team’s batting lineup, which had previously been predominantly right-handed. Gerrit Cole underscored the talent and consistency these players bring to the team, stating, “Juan Soto is probably the best left-handed hitter in the game, and Verdugo is just such a tough out, like another career 400 on-base percentage guy.”

Furthermore, Gerrit Cole commended Trent Grisham’s exceptional defensive skills in the center field, recognizing him as a valuable asset to the team’s defensive prowess.

Assessing pitching strength

In addition to discussing batting dynamics, Gerrit Cole provided insights into the Yankees’ pitching strategy, particularly emphasizing the addition of Marcus Stroman to the roster. 

Reflecting on Stroman’s capabilities, Gerrit Cole acknowledged, “He’s pitched in a lot of big games, and just from watching him on the other side of the field, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s consistent when he’s out on the field in terms of limiting runs and giving us a lot of innings.”

Stroman’s inclusion in the Yankees’ pitching rotation adds depth and experience, enhancing the team’s ability to compete effectively against formidable opponents in the upcoming season.

As the offseason progresses, Gerrit Cole discusses the anticipation and eagerness among players as they prepare for the challenges of the regular season. He shared his excitement about returning to the field, describing the sense of anticipation and readiness that comes with offseason training.

Reflecting on his recent pitching session, Gerrit Cole stated, “I got off the mound the other day for the first time, and I threw a bunch of strikes, and that kind of fired me up, that kind of lit the fire again.” He emphasized the importance of maintaining pitch control and readiness during the offseason to ensure peak performance when the season begins.

Finally, Gerrit Cole’s insights provide valuable perspectives on the New York Yankees’ offseason strategy and the team’s readiness for the upcoming season. The Yankees are poised to impact Major League Baseball significantly with strategic acquisitions and player enthusiasm.

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