Spencer Jones’ quest for Yankees stardom faces hurdles without this subtle switch

Michael Bennington
Thursday February 1, 2024

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Yankees prospect Spencer Jones, standing tall at 6-foot-6, much like his idol Aaron Judge, has already made a significant impact on the baseball scene. However, the question arises: How can the 22-year-old outfielder elevate his game to truly mirror the achievements of the Yankees legend?

ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel, in his 2024 Top 100 Prospects ranking, suggests that the key for Jones lies in optimizing his “launch angle.” Despite hitting 16 home runs last season in A-ball and Double-A, McDaniel notes that Spencer Jones’ raw power has yet to consistently translate into home runs.

Minor Shift may catapult Spencer Jones to Yankees greatness

Hudson Valley Renegades outfielder Spencer Jones during media day on April 5, 2023.Renegades Media Day
Poughkeepsie Journal

While acknowledging Spencer Jones’ impressive exit velocities, reaching up to 113 mph, McDaniel points out that Jones needs to generate more lift when connecting hard. The challenge, as McDaniel highlights, involves increasing Jones’s average launch angle from 7 degrees to approximately 15 degrees without compromising his ability to make contact. If successfully accomplished, McDaniel predicts that Spencer Jones has the potential to become a star slugger, recognizing the difficulty of such an adjustment.

In the previous season, Spencer Jones posted a commendable batting line of .267/.336/.444 with 66 RBIs and an impressive 43 stolen bases across two minor league levels. This performance solidified his status as the Yankees‘ second-best prospect, according to Baseball America.

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Originally drafted by the Angels in 2019, Spencer Jones opted for college baseball at Vanderbilt before being selected by the Yankees with the 25th overall pick in the 2022 draft. As he progresses through the minor leagues, his ability to refine his swing and unlock his substantial power will be pivotal in determining whether he can reach his full potential as a formidable slugger, living up to the comparisons with the iconic Aaron Judge.

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2 thoughts on “Spencer Jones’ quest for Yankees stardom faces hurdles without this subtle switch

  1. more lift? How about getting on base? Not a thing wrong with a doubles hitter that will develop over time. Plenty of guys on the big club to hit homers. Don’t ruin the guy before he gets to the bigs with that nonsense of homer or nothing.

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